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Image from Urban Decay Press Release

Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss is a new Summer 2015 permanent lipgloss launch that will be available in fourteen shades. Urban Decay has been all about Naked lately which, honestly, is ok with me but let’s not forget what Urban Decay is truly known for. COLOR! Loud, bold, vibrant color! Urban Decay hasn’t really hasn’t a had daring lipgloss launch since Pocket Rocket and really those weren’t particularly pigmented.

Image from Urban Decay Press Release

With fourteen shades to choose from, the range is pretty impressive. There are of course several sensible, nude or darker wintry shades that you could opt for, but it’s summer (almost), the sun is out (sort of…sometimes…)! It’s the perfect time to opt for something a little bit loud, and the formulation gives you the option of wearing this in lots of different ways. I had a chance to see these up close and personal at the Urban Decay Waterford Summer collection launch and I was really impressed.

Image from Urban Decay Press Release

The texture is incredibly soft and smooth. It’s really more like a liquid lipstick than a gloss, the finish as being more like a shiny satin. It certainly doesn’t have that wet look finish of a high shine gloss but I like it. The lipstick-like texture means that this isn’t wet or runny. It goes on thickly, and it stays put. I particulary have a soft spot for Vice, Bittersweet, Scandal, and Big Bang. 

These will be available from May 1st at €19, and I definetly approve of them and will be splurging on some. I love the colour range. The Summer collection also includes new blushes but I will get to them next week.

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