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Permanent Make Up 4 Week Update

by - 21:56

So as most of you already know 4 weeks ago I attended the amazing Olena in Luxury Permanent Makeup for Permanent Ombre Hd Brows. I was very hesitant to have it done as you can read all about it here in my Pre Tattoo post. My brows were the bain of my life, i hated them, and the task of filling them in every morning was a chore. Have a look at my before below.

Olena worked her magic on me 4 weeks ago. I went in with sparse brows and emerged with a nice natural full brow. Ombre Permanent Hd Brows are new to Ireland and Olena is the first Aesthetician to bring it to Ireland. I have never met anyone with such a passion for her work. She is meticulously accurate and a perfectionist. She spent nearly an hour mapping out my brows. When I left her studio I felt amazing, I wanted to scream at the world "look at my brows". Check out my initial thoughts after the procedure here. Below are my after pictures.

My brows are a lovely natural light brown and they really do frame my face. I have been in love with my brows since they were done. I have avoided makeup where possible on my face and as I wanted the brows to be natural I will have to apply a small amount of brow powder to the arch/tail area to just enhance it a little when I am wearing makeup. This for me is no problem as I didn't want the brows to be too dark where they would look unnatural when I was barefaced. Below is how they looked a week after the procedure. Check out my post on the 1 week update here.

So tomorrow I am back for my top up appointment, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished result in another 4 weeks. Below is how my brows look 4 weeks after the procedure and they are healed. The procedure is painless and the healing process is painless. It was the best decision I made and I honestly cannot thank Olena enough. 

I am in love with them, check in with my social media tomorrow to see updated pics on the top up appointment. You can contact Olena Oliynyk on 083 1274111, email at pmubyolena@gmail.com and you can check out all of her work and prices at www.luxurypermanentmakeup.ie Don’t forget to follow her facebook page for regular updates here.

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