Eyebrows - How I fill in my brows.

How I fill in my eyebrows

1. Comb them through, using a eyebrow spoolie. It is important to do this so that the hairs are all uniformed and going in the correct direction. 

2. Using an angled eyebrow brush I draw a line on the bottom of my arch first, to give me my shape and then i gradually bring the line towards the end of the brow and back towards the start of it.

3. Bring the colour upwards to create a gradient. I have a natural thin eyebrow so I fill in my natural brow to make it look thicker. This isn't necessary for everyone. 

4. Apply concealer around the eyebrow to create clean sharp lines, and to carve out the brow line. 

5. Blend out the concealer, you can apply the brows before foundation and this will allow for less blending,. 

6. Add some highlighter under the eyebrow to highlight the brow bone.

What do you think? Anyone else do theirs like this! 

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