Hey, and welcome to my blog. Thanks for coming on my journey with me. I started this blog in the hope of bringing some reviews to you on some products which I use. I have recently completed the Itec Make Up Certificate course, where I found I had a passion for Make Up. I am currently undergoing some trying times in my life and make up has become very important to me. My skin is currently not the best, this is due to being subject to chemotherapy and radiation. My blog is not going to focus on my illness at all. This blog is about how to help you look good using some high end products and some budget products. My aim is to bring you reviews on a weekly basis, and also to bring you along my journey in the make up world. My intention is that when I am relatively better, or well enough that I will en roll in a full time beauty therapy course and I will definitely bring you on that journey with me, that's provided that you have stuck around. I admit whole heartily that I am no expert, I am still learning and that the opinions I express are that my own. I am not endorsed to any particular brand or company and I hope to review a range of products ranging from my own personal favourites to those most popular at the moment. 

I can't wait to hear suggestions from you all. 



  1. Well done on setting up your new blog Rachael! I look forward to reading your reviews and picking up some tips from you that I can use!