Eye Primer : Is it worth the extra expense ?

Is using an eyeshadow primer really worth the extra hassle and expense? I think it depends on your skin and the sort of eye makeup look you’re going for / the type of product you’re using really. If you’ve got oily skin you might find that shadow disappears really quickly, and vice versa, if you’ve got very dry skin, you might find that it creases easily. What primer does is form a barrier between your skin and your makeup, so it can help things to stay put for longer. It can also help in the summer or if you’re somewhere hot – your makeup is less likely to slide off your face if it’s ‘primed’ to stay on.

Shadows with a high pigment content should have a better chance of lasting the distance anyway, but there’s no harm in using a primer first, as it’ll at least give you a nice base to work on. Beware though of applying a lot of moisturiser to your eye area to prepare it for makeup. The skin here is really delicate and might not take kindly to being overloaded – your lids could swell and become puffy. So using a dedicated product is a better idea.

I’m using an Urban Decay primer at the moment. It seems really nice (and the packaging is fantastic) – it’s a nude shade and apply some onto your eyelids, then you set using a nude powder, and apply your shadow. The nude shade of the primer instensifies the shadow that you are applying. It also helps the eyeshadow to stay in place and doesn't move. It is definetely worth the money for a good primer, but there are plenty of budgets ones out there.
Alot of the budget brands are now doing them as they have become very popular. I got the Essence I love stage eyeshadow base. The eyeshadow base looks and applies like a concealer on the eyelid area. I used it with both cheapy eyeshadows from Essence and with more expensive MAC shadows. I am pleased to advise it does what it says on the tin. It kept my eyeshadow on and un-creased after a full day at the office. What more can you ask for? Even in recessionary times you can now afford an eyeshadow primer!

I reckon if you do the smokey eyes bit a lot then primer is probably a gift from the gods – it’s very hard to not look like a panda after a few hours otherwise. But if you’re just going for your average eyeshadow look, perhaps keep your 21 euro in your pocket or go for the Essence I love Stage Eyeshadow Base. 

What's your thoughts on eyeshadow primer?

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