How i clean my make up brushes

So this week I decided to share how i clean my make up brushes with you all. I use what I call the 'Michelle Phan' method of cleaning my brushes. For those of you who don't know Michelle Phan is a very successful youtuber who makes beauty videos (she has over 4 million subscribers!!!) She has a video on how she cleans her brushes, I will put a link to it at the end of this post.

What you will need
Washing up liquid,
Olive oil,
a plate,
a cup/mug,

1. First pour some washing up liquid onto your plate and then pour about the same amount of olive oil onto the plate.

2. Swirl your dirty brush into the washing up liquid and olive oil.

3. Then brush your brush against your hand and rinse it under water to get all of the washing up liquid and olive oil out of the brush. Do this several times to make sure that you get it all out of your brush. Make sure not to get water into the sealed part of the brush as it will damage the glue and the brush will fall apart.

4. Dry it a little on a paper towel. I then place them on a radiator overnight to air dry. 

5. In the morning you will have lovely clean brushes.


I know you have all heard time and time again about the importance of regularly cleaning your brushes, however, there are still so many makeup users out there who rarely, if ever, clean their tools. Spot-causing bacteria is not the only problem created by dirty brushes! 

Old makeup residue from previous applications will really affect the shade of the makeup you apply today, so if ever you find yourself wondering why that translucent face powder is coming out quite dark, well it’s not the product that’s at fault, it’s the state of your brush! 

Personally, I love using clean brushes! It just feels so much nicer when they are back to being as clean as the day you bought them. Once you clean yours, you will probably notice a difference in how your makeup turns out.

Michelle Phan Video

I love Michelle Phan, does anyone else follow her?

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