Rimmel Provocalips

I have an exciting blog post today,It's a review of the NEW Rimmel provocalips that launched in October. So keep reading for my thoughts on this product! I'll start by saying that I didn't have high hopes for this product,as the Apocalips range did not appeal to me, they smelt horrible.I am eating my words now that I have tried this product, Rimmel have completely turned it around for me and supplied my possible new favourite lip product, I'm eyeing the dark red shade next.

It is a two step product which is made up of a matte liquid lipstick on one end and a colourless balm/gloss on the other. Once you apply the liquid lip colour you wait a few minutes for it to 'set', you can then apply the gloss/balm which seals the colour in and moisturises the lips. You may get a little bit of colour on your gloss/balm applicator but it's nothing to worry about, you'll see yourself that it is then completely transfer proof.

There is a total of 8 shades so far and they range from a nude to a berry for winter. The scent/taste is plastic-y but it's very faint, the balm smells more like perfume and plastic but you could always use your own gloss if it's too much for you. Once the liquid lipstick has set you can't smell or taste it.

As it is a matte lipstick you would expect it to dry out your lips but it actually doesn't, I've never come across anything like it. I can't feel this product on my lips, I forget I'm wearing it in fact, it's so soft and lightweight. It doesn't fade or crack throughout the day and it's incredible. The lasting power is like nothing else, It doesn't get on my teeth,there is no movement, NONE! I can get a full day out of this product and it still looks flawless. It's just a pain to get off, you will NEED an oil.... I'm willing to deal with the extra removal step for the lasting power it has. I'm very critical when it comes to lip products and this is certainly something that is one of a kind in terms of formula.

The only downside is, a few hours later when the balm wears off(it's more of a liquid balm than a gloss, it's a very strange texture). The lip colour starts to feel a little sticky BUT it doesn't stick to your other lip and peel the lip colour off like other liquid lipsticks do, You can always just apply more balm. Such a minor downside for once! It also doesn't go weird and chunky around the inside of my mouth like most liquid lipsticks do, I have been waiting for this day!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!

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