Wedding Season


My cousin got married a few weeks ago, and even though I wasn't in the bridal party, I put some serious effort into my beauty prep, One because I am vain(of course) and Two, because when you tell people you are a make up artist they do expect you to look the part. 


But it got me thinking. Shouldn't we all be putting a bit of extra grooming effort in for those big occasions, like weddings? I feel like finding a dress to wear is what people focus on the most, while the beauty part tends to happen in the 36 minutes before you're due to arrive at the ceremony. And then you realize—woops!—that you forgot to paint your nails, and your legs are looking a bit pasty... and there are three grey hairs poking up from your part.

Clearly, what we all need (not just the bride) is a Big Day beauty countdown. Here, based on what I did in the lead up to big day, is what I suggest...


A haircut is always nice, but I think what people REALLY notice is whether your roots are showing—especially (but not limited to) greys. And besides the inch or two of re-growth, just dull, flat colour in general can also be a problem.

See, unless your ends are super-fried, you can always camouflage hair that needs a trim by curling it or doing a really sleek blow-dry or putting it up in a gorgeous bun. Colour, on the other hand, can't be hidden. So if you can, try to time your touch-up for about a week or so before the big event. If that's not happening, you can always go in for a toner—it won't lift colour but will deposit a "tone" like gold or red, etc., will help hide your roots a bit and will make your hair look refreshed and shiny. No matter what, DON'T make any big changes with your cut or colour... and don't go to a hairdresser you've never gone to before. It's too risky! I mean, even when you think you know what you're getting, stuff can happen: 


I am of the school of thought that if your brows don't look good, nothing else matters on your face. If you've been regularly seeing a pro already, then you probably don't need to worry about this one too much. I get mine done every three or four weeks, so I didn't need to make a wedding-specific brow appointment. But if yours have been neglected, AND you don't have a regular therapist to go to then definitely ask around for a recommendation. Again, seeing someone new is always risky, especially because sporting a thin brow is maybe the worst beauty sin of all time. Make sure you're very, very clear that you want a nice shape but still full. Because fuller = younger.


The easiest hassle free way is to get a spray tan but of course, if you can't do that, there are loads of instant ones that can be done on the day. Or go for an overnighter, lots available now ranging in colours, just be careful in application. Make sure its in a good light, you have exfoliated a for a few days prior to application. Personally I will exfoliate from Monday until Thursday night and then on Friday I will apply Sally Hansen airbrush legs on my upper body as my dress is floor length. I will use the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff exfoliator as i find it is the best treatment out there which leaves you skin super soft and smooth. 


Again the easiest way to solve this one is to book in with a nail tech who will make your talons look amazing, you can match up with your outfit, or add some sparkle with glitter on the ring finger. If this option isn't available to you then an at home manicure on Thursday night will make a huge difference. You can still add a bit of glitz by using a glitter polish on the ring finger in the colour of the jewellery you are wearing. There are lots of glitter polishes out there at the moment. One of my favourite ones at the moment are the Catrice Luxury Lacquers the pigment is very strong and the sparkle is fabulous.  


For me this is the vital factor that really sets off the whole outfit. Try and book in with a make up artist who will accentuate your features and make you flawless. There really is no comparison, doing it at home will not turn out the same. Seen as I have the luxury of been trained in this area I can do my own, so I will be planning what look I will be going for, whether its a flicked out liner and red lips, or a smokey eye and nude lips, or subtle eyes and a strong lip, the list is endless. A make up artist will tell you what will set off your outfit the best combined with your hair. In order for the make up artists finished product to be amazing, the days running up to the appointment will need to focus on skincare. 

This routine should be followed every week but especially in the run up to an event. 

Cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night. It is so important. The skin will reward you for it, it will be soft and supple and ready to take the make up. A night or two beforehand apply a relaxing face mask and moisturise afterwards. If any blemishes appear in the days approaching then treat will a spot treatment gel such as Neostrata Spot Treatment Gel or Sudocrem and that should sort it out. I know this all sounds like a lot, but I promise ladies it is definitely worth it. You will look FABULOUS on the day. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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