Collection 2000 : Lasting Perfection Foundation

When searching for a foundation (or indeed any type of make-up product, whether it be nail varnish, blusher and so on), I admit that previously the Collection 2000 stand would be one of the last I would visit when browsing through Boots. I just never really found anything that appealed to me before. Well that has now 100% changed. I'm converted. First things first, if you are looking for a heavy-duty, Estee Lauder Double Wear alternative then Revlon Colorstay step aside, this foundation is the one for you!



I LOVE the 30ml bottle. It's made out of what feels like glass (although I suspect it might be heavy-duty plastic made to give a glass effect?), and feels lovely and reassuringly heavy in your hand. The pump-action bottle is also very convenient, not to mention hygienic.

Like Double Wear, this foundation is very thick in consistency, which for some may be a downside, but ideal if you want serious flawless yet still quite luminous coverage without looking too matte.Unlike DW, it is very blendable on application and sets after a few minutes. In terms of wear, this stuff is definitely hardcore!  I can't verify the 16 hour claim (very rarely would I have foundation on that long anyway. If you have oily skin you might find you start to look a tad dewy after a while, especially during hot weather, but the foundation coverage should remain intact, and you should be able to remedy any shininess with blotting paper or some powder. I always set my foundation in my tzone with a powder to counteract any oilyness. Below are some pictures of me wearing the foundation.

If you're not looking for full, almost mask-effect coverage, then I would avoid this. I personally love the blank-canvas effect that heavy duty foundations provide, therefore I really like this foundation, but  as I say if you're more of a natural-effect foundation then I would look elsewhere!  It is also fantastic value for money at around 8 Euro from Boots. Let me know if you purchase. I love hearing people's views on what I review.

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