W7 Palettes

Hello My lovelies I hope you are all well :) Today I am sharing with you 3 new palettes I have added to my collection. I already had In the Buff and love it. I am not going to compare these to the famous Urban Decay Naked Palettes but you will get the idea as you see the shades that they are yet another alternative form of them :) :) If you Have always wanted to purchase the Urban Decay Naked palettes but couldn't afford them or didn't want to spend all that money on them? I have the PERFECT solution for you! W7 cosmetics created 3 eyeshadow palettes which no one can deny are cheaper alternatives for the Urban Decay Naked 1,2 and 3 palettes!

The palettes are called In the Nude, In the Buff, Lightly Toasted and last but not least In the Night. These palettes cost me €9.95 each but I think in some places the prices vary and I have heard people have paid up to €12 or as little as €5 per palette. Each palette has 12 eyeshadows and the colours vary throughout each palette.Some are matte shades and some are shimmers. They range from light colours to dark depending on each palette.

The eyeshadows come in a tin case which is so reassuring as I know that if I drop it my eyeshadows will be as right as rain :) Each eyeshadow palette comes in a different shade palette which is also handy as you can tell which is which. Inside the palette you are greeted by a beautiful selection of twelve shades and also a plastic covering to protect your shadows. Included is a double ended brush which on one end contains a sponge applicator and on the other end an small flat brush which is perfect for packing on eyeshadows and building the colour :) 

For me, the W7 palettes are the perfect “starter kit”; great for beginners, girls who are still unsure if the Naked palette is for them, those who are on a budget or for people looking for inexpensive make-up to bring to festivals etc. I would still highly recommend the Naked palettes to everyone till the day I die, but I have to say that the W7 palette is a pretty darn impressive cheaper alternative. Overall The pigmentation is very good for the price of the palettes. The lasting power is great on these once you use a primer you will find they will last all day long. The colours are 99% the same bar one or two which are a little lighter. 

I hope you all enjoyed my log of these palettes. In some upcoming posts, I will review these palettes individually. I reviewed In the Buff back in October which can be found here. All these palettes are available locally in Mulligans, and Pulse Accessories, or from W7 online. Until then enjoy my lovelies.

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