Johsons Top To Toe Wash

Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe wash has been a must-have in my bathroom for quite a while now. Not just a baby wash, I use this for a number of different things:

  • as a body wash in the shower: this foams up nicely, has a lovely light, fresh fragrance and the soap-free formula is very gentle on sensitive skin 
  • as a foaming face wash: when I just need a gentle wash-off cleanser. It doesn’t dry my skin out. 
  • as a hand wash: the pump top makes this ideal to use as a handwash, and no need to scrub soap scum off the sink afterwards 
  • as a brush cleanser: I sometimes use this to wash my makeup brushes – I run them under warm water, then add a drop of baby wash to the palm of my hand and lather up the bristles of the brush with it. It rinses out easily and leaves all my brushes clean, soft and residue-free 
  • to wash out sponges: I use a cellulose sponge to cleanse and it only takes a minute to wash the sponge with a drop of baby wash after use so that it’s clean and ready to be used again the following day 
  • for travel: particularly when traveling with only hand luggage, taking one small bottle of baby wash means I don’t need separate shower gel, face wash and soap. I usually put some into a travel bottle when bringing hand luggage.

A 500ml bottle of Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe wash is priced at around €3.99 and is available from supermarkets, Boots and chemists. It's currently on offer for €1.99 in Tesco's. 

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