Lidl Cien Aqua Rich Gentle Face Wash

You don’t have to spend big to get results
So often I have been told by beauty teachers and experts that you don't have to spend big to get results. All you need is a simple classic skincare routine and you will get the results you need. Over the past few weeks I have been roadtesting Lidl's Aqua Rich Gentle Face Wash for normal/combination skin. I am very impressed with it. It cleanses and purifies the skin of your face, its for everyday use. It removes makeup residues, impurities and excess sebum. The moisturising complex and Aqua Rich glycerin respect the natural moisture balance and prevent the skin from drying.

It costs in or around 2 euro, and it successfully gets rid of all make up residues. I love to use it in the shower, lather it onto wet skin, leave it sit there for a few minutes and rinse off. It says to apply twice daily to wet skin, massage gently in circular motions. Rinse off with plenty of water. When I don't use it in the shower I rinse off using my beloved cellulose sponges. For 2 euro it is a great budget buy, I've been using mine for over 3 months now and its only now nearing the end of the tube, this makes it even better value. Its specifically good for coming home after a long night and just slapping some on and rinsing off the night, so much better than dreaded wipes.I have had no breakouts or reactions to this, and it has helped in clearing up my skin. Definetely one for the bathroom press ladies!

Has anyone else used it? What did you think of it?

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