Negative Space Nail Trend

The negative space manicure is officially the cutout dress of the nail world. The design shows just enough skin to be subtle and sexy, while walking the line between a full-on pattern and a bare nail. So, what’s with the “negative space” title? Unlike a French manicure, a negative space design doesn’t require a base color, and gives off the illusion of polish floating against a naked nail bed. Negative space nails are the new black of nail art! It’s an incredibly versatile nail design that suits any age and style. Even those who are not into nail art are falling for it. It looks fantastic in any colour, from pastels to brights and can be done in any kind of pattern.Plus, negative space nail designs look equally great on short or long stiletto nails. They’re so versatile it’s no wonder this look has been trending on the runways at recent New York Fashion Week. That means only one thing, soon everyone will go nuts for negative space. Just watch!

Here are some pretty designs :

If you want to try out any of the designs above, keep in mind there are three ways of getting negative space nails. The first and easiest method – just use striping tape (office sticky tape will do too). Second, you can paint the whole nail and then wipe out some areas with a brush soaked in acetone/ nail polish remover. Third, just free-hand it! 

So are you a fan of negative space? Which of the designs above is your favourite?

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