No 7 BB Cream

BB Creams are a bit of a controversial product. Aren't they all just tinted moisturisers with a posher name. They make too many promises: to even out skin-tone, moisturise, hide blemishes and some have an SPF added to boot. All this in one tiny tube? I was highly suspicious. 

However I have been converted, I’ve been so impressed by one BB cream. It’s Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream €17.50. I know it's quite expensive for a BB cream but this one is worth it.

This BB Cream promises a flawless healthy complexion and I must say it really does even out skin tone, which is impressive because it feels really light. It has a sort of whipped consistency and stays put quite well for me.

It comes in three formulas: Dry/Very Dry, Normal/Dry and Normal/Oily.I have that classic combination skin problem of the product slipping off the t-zone. So when I purchased I went for the Normal/Oily and it works an absolute treat. It’s more matte-ifying and stays put. 

Coverage-wise I would describe it as very light, so it suits me for everyday wear. I’d generally use a bit of concealer if I have any redness and for brightening under my eyes, then apply the BB cream and a bit of powder on the t-zone and I’m good to go.

I’m officially a BB Cream convert. Are you loving or hating them? Have you used them even?

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