Pantomime :Beauty & The Beast

So last week I had the privilege of working with Portlaw Musical Society to do the make up along with another talented Make Up Artist Ita. I didn't really know what to expect. When I got there for a full dress rehearsal before opening night I was quite nervous. I had done some background homework into the look we were going to go for on the beast. We all agreed on the look. Rehearsals began and it was then that we found out that our beast had 4 lines as a stand in as no one else could cover the role. So once he had said his 4 lines he came out stage and we had 15-20 Min's maximum before the beast had to go onstage. The pressure was well and truly on. So we set to work and low and behold we pulled it off. Not that I ever doubted it lol. Then we had a break until after the second half where after Tale as old as time our beast turned into a prince, so we had 10 Min's to remove the beastly face and transform into a handsome prince. It worked, all was done in time. Below are pictures of the beast and then the prince.

So opening night came, I arrived at half 6 as planned, and set up my work station. Around 7 o clock all the cast began to come in. We had a total of 15 main parts and then a few touch ups to the chorus to do by 8 o clock. All was done and in time and the show opened and went on for 4 nights. I have to say it was the best 4 nights I've had in a while. I really enjoyed working with the musical society and hopefully will be asked to come back next year. I've included some photos below of some of the cast. I will also attach 2 clips from the show.

What a privilege to work with such a great bunch of people.


Can't wait for next years production already!

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