Mememe Flawless Finish Moisturiser

There are days when you don’t want to put your foundation face on, but still don’t feel like venturing outside without some kind of coverage. Those days are when a having a good tinted moisturiser is invaluable! When you want apply some tinted moisturiser and mascara and your good to go. I’ve tried so many tinted-moisturisers over the years, and have really struggled to get one that gets the balance exactly right. They’re either too thick and “foundation” like, or too thin and don’t offer enough coverage. I’ve tried a few that are also really super hard to blend and don’t last very long before sliding off my face.

I really like all the Me, Me, Me packaging, which is classic and stylish. The other appealing thing was the price – only 9.99. There are four different shades and found it quite easy to find one that was a good match to our skin tone, although you may struggle if you have darker skin. I received this product in a package from Me, Me, Me and could not wait to try it out. Locally it's available in most chemists. Mulligans Waterford Stock it.

Light yet effective. This silky touch, vanilla scented tinted moisturiser is perfect if you like your skin to look natural, fresh and dewy. With four shades to choose from, it glides smoothly to give a lighter coverage base and is a great choice for those wishing to re-hydrate dry skin. This product includes key formulation highlights such as SPF to offer skin daily protection from the environment, Light reflecting pigments for a radiant finish, Microspheres for a smooth, effortless & even application, Jojoba Oil & Glycerine to moisturise and nourish the skin! 

For me, Flawless gives really good medium coverage to the point where it could easily be used in place of a foundation. The difference is in how it feels, which is very light and actually quite nourishing.I found it lasted all day when i applied a light dusting of pressed powder over it. At the moment BB creams are the buzz product in the market, but I have to say I prefer this to many of the BB creams we’ve tried. Helpfully Flawless Finish does have an SPF 15 as well. 

Above are pics of me wearing this moisturiser, as I said i just applied it with my fingertips and then dusted lightly with some pressed powder. I then filled in my eyebrows and apply some mascara, blush and lipgloss. I felt like i had a full face on, but with none of the heaviness. This moisturiser is a definite staple for my beauty bag. Love it. 

Has anyone else used it>?

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