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Today's post is for my readers who perhaps haven't been following social media updates over the past few weeks - namely those relating to the new Real Techniques brushes, the Bold Metals Collection. Social media was full of snaps of the new collection, everything from facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram. Of course the frenzy ensued to know what, where, when, and importantly what price?!

Sam and Nic Chapman have introduced 7 new brushes to their line and their design is fabulous. Just look at how pretty they are. 7 brushes that are described as premium brushes aimed at professional makeup artists and makeup fanatics. The brushes come in three colours, GOLD, SILVER & ROSE GOLD. 

The new collection includes;


100 Arched Powder €32.00

101 Triangle Foundation €28.00


200 Oval Shadow €20.00

201 Pointed Crease €16.00

202 Angled Liner €13.00


300 Tapered Blush €31.00

301 Flat Contour €28.00

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The brushes themselves are quite beautiful to look at and feel lovely in the hand thanks to them being weighted at the ferrule and tapered towards the tip of the handles. A couple of the brushes are also quite unique in design, particularly the triangle foundation brush and the flat contour brush. One thing i did notice upon inspecting them in boots is that while the ferrules are made of some form of metal, probably aluminium, the handles are actually plastic which was a bit disappointing considering them being sold as premium products. I also forgot to mention that these are shed-proof brushes thanks to the fibres being 'hand glued' into the ferrules.

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Now while they are quite beautiful to look at, are they worth their quite expensive price tag. I have yet to purchase any of these. I am however quite drawn to the contour and angled liner brushes. I may indeed make an investment in these. The contour brush looks like it will give perfect definition to contouring cheeks. And while the existing Real Techniques Angled Liner brush is fabulous I quite like the look of this new one. 

Let me know what you think of the new offerings from Real Techniques. 

Do you plan on picking any of them up? Or have you gotten any of them already??

Hope this proves helpful!

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