Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer

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So lets get this party started with IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquer review. This is a polish that dries in sunlight and doesn't require UV-lamp to cure it like regular gel polish. This polish doesn't require a base coat but it is recommended that you use your preferred base coat at least with darker colors so they won't stain your nails. After the base coat you apply two coats of gel polish and let it dry for 3 minutes. Then add a coat of IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat.The application of Scarlet Red was flawless. The polish was very well pigmented and with two coats it was perfectly opaque. Top coat is a bit thicker and I took a good amount of it on the brush. The Top coat was still easy to apply and it gave my nails a very gel like glossy finish.

After that I did the manicure test. IsaDora promises up to 7 days of wear time for these Gel Nail Lacquers. I already mentioned the flawless application and for my manicure I used the same base coat as I did for the pedicure. Where the pedicure stayed excellent for over two weeks the result wasn't the same for the manicure. I did not expect it to be either though. The shine started to fade a bit after 3 days and day 4 there was the first chip. My test wasn't perfect though since my nails were still very thin and I was growing out the gel nails removal damage. So on healthy nails I probably would've gone more than four days without chipping.

As I said the shine and glossy look stayed perfect for over two weeks on my pedicure but started fading from the manicure after three days. This is mostly caused by the fact that I have to wash my hands a lot. I wash up without gloves and so on. So all the soap and chemicals that I expose my hands to during the day definitely took their toll on the shine.

Removal of this polish was very easy with non-acetone nail polish remover and there was no staining since I used a base coat. I will definitely be using this polish and buy a few more shades to use on my pedicures and on the days when i need something reliable and quick.

Image from Isadora

I tested this polish on a pedicure first and the result was impressive. I used Essence base coat and then followed the application instructions that are also printed on the bottles. The manicure dried within minutes and looked really shiny. I kept this manicure on my toe nails for 3 weeks before it started chipping. The polish stayed very shiny for the first two weeks and was still pretty good when I removed the pedicure after 3 weeks. For me this was a good result. Usually my pedis stay good two weeks max before they start chipping. Naturally there was minor tip wear but nothing major or worth repairing.

I'm very happy with the wear time on the pedicure and I think this performed well on the manicure too. Quick dry time makes these Gel Nail Lacquer perfect for everyone who wants easy to apply, simple and quick manicure that lasts for more than one day. Color range is pretty and there's also shades for creating a full french manicure using these polishes.

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