Irish Beauty Blog Awards Nominee

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015 celebrates the very best in Irish blogging and vlogging.

The winners will be announced on the 21st May 2015 at a gala evening in the Lille's Bordello, Dublin.

Increasingly Irish beauty and fashion blogs are becoming more influential, with more people reading and writing beauty blogs, more businesses using blogs to engage with their customers and more buying decisions are being influenced by bloggers.

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards was established to acknowledge the immense effort and commitment that is invested into creating a memorable and insightful blog. 

The category I have been nominated in is best new blog. I am so thrilled to be even considered. There was no way I would have imagined back in January was starting out that within 6 months I would manage to be nominated for an award. I want to wish everyone in the longlist below the best of luck. There are so many lovely and interesting people nominated. I love reading all the blogs and that's why I started my Sunday Snippet feature where I interview a different blogger each week. 

Best New Blog

1. Nicholle Bartlett

2. The Beauty Inbox

3. Zoe with Umlauts

4. Velvet Vogue

5. The Drug That is Beauty

6. LoulaBelle Loves

7. Mentally Beautiful

8. Anna Loves Makeup

9. Bella and Vogue

10. Mag Style MMCG

11. Bridsharpe

12. The Glamourelle

13. Chasing Rubies, Chasing Pearls

14. RachsBeautique

15. The Pale Girl

16. Lassrina

17. FacesByGrace

18. Glam Fire Diaries

19. Lady Penny Feather

20. Coias Styles

21. Cardigan Jezebel

22. Ruby Laine MakeUp

23. That’s So Bekaah

24. Beauty Blunders and Other Wonders

So let's hope lady luck is on my side and I get shortlisted. Regardless I am going to attend the event so I can meet all the fabulous bloggers out there. Fingers crossed people xxx

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