Scrub your body exfoliator

So a few weeks ago I was gifted a lovely package from the Valerie at Glove your Body. My lovely package contained a Glove your Body Tan Mitt/Glove and one of their new Scrub your body mitts. I was so thrilled to give these ago. I love my products and a review of the Glove your Body Tan mitt will be coming soon. 

Today I am going to talk about the Scrub your Body Mitt. Scrub Your Body is the ultimate gift you could give to your skin! By providing the ultimate in exfoliation the Scrub Your Body Mitt will:

– Remove stale tan and dead skin cells

– Leave your skin feeling rejuvenated & fresh
– Provide the smoothest possible skin for tan application

This new exfoliating mitt is designed to remove false tan, dead skin cells, and leave your skin feeling nice, fresh, smooth and supple. The mitt is like a glove and fits straight onto your hand. When the glove is put in water it shrinks so the glove comes in two different sizes.. S/M & M/L. I have the S/M mitt. 

I used it in the shower and  I LOVED it!!! It covers so much area its great, and because your whole hand is in there you have much more control. With small soft circular motions my tan was all removed straight away without leaving my skin with any redness. ALL the tan and dead skin cells where removed almost instantly and left my skin feeling so soft. With my skin feeling so soft after showering it actually felt like the moisturiser I was using soaked straight into my skin. I've ALWAYS suffered with dry skin which is always a bit "dull like" in appearance.... well no more dull skin here!!! This Mitt is amazing. It made my skin look alive again but with no redness. 

I would highly highly recommend this AMAZING exfoliating mitt. You won't use anything else once you have tried it. I know this is a little bit more expensive than regular exfoliating gloves, but it is worth the extra few euros. It is retailing at 9.99 which I think is reasonable for an amazing product and one which will serve you for years. Like instead of forking out 2 euro every 2 months for new gloves, invest in a scrub your body mitt. You will know what I mean when I say its amazing. 

Let me know what you think of yours if you have picked one up.. or if your planning on picking one up.

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