Sunday Snippet : Little Piece of Lynda

So today's sunday snippet features the lovely Lynda from A Little Piece of Lynda .  Lynda answered some questions about herself and why she blogs, and likes to blog?  I am so glad i found this little gem of a blog.  Lynda's  blog is very funny, completely honest, sporty and caters for a little bit of everything . If you are not already following  then get on it, all the links for her social media platforms are below. Have fun getting to know Lynda I know i did!!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My names Lynda Hennebry, I'm nineteen and currently repeating my leaving cert in Co.Tipperary. It's been a dream of mine to study journalism and media in the University of Limerick since I was 15/16, I always loved to talk I could literally talk for Ireland so it's my dream to one day become a radio presenter. Although I was born in Waterford and lived in Tipperary all my life, Limerick has always been my favorite place (it might have something to do with the fact I'm a huge Munster /Conor Murray fan) but I found this course in UL and my heart was set on it. Unfortunately though my points didn't agree with me and I had no choice but to repeat the leaving, long story short three weeks later I dropped out, I couldn't take it anymore but I knew I couldn't give up on my dream of going to UL so I decided to continue repeating from home. It is tough, especially when I get snaps off the girls on a Thursday night heading out to the club and I'm there in my onesie heading up to bed with a business book but hopefully this time next year I'll be falling out of the clubs with them, I mean focusing on my studies ;)
As well as studying for the leaving I write my own blog but I also write for online news website, I also cover everything fashion/showbiz for  and everything showbiz and entertainment for which is great fun. I'm also taking a level 6, 12 week course in broadcasting journalism and radio presenting so I'm kept quite busy but I love it.

I'm also a huge rugby fan, especially a Munster rugby fan!! I'm obsessed with the scrum half Conor Murray.. he is amazing!!!!! (I'll attach a photo of us so you see what I mean ;)


2.  How did you get into blogging and why?

I got into blogging almost three years ago when I was advised it was a good way to 'get my name out there'. I'd talked to some journalists/presenters and they really told me it was a great way to start so I didn't really think too much about it, they told me to do it so I did it. 
Before I set up my blog I had never read any, I didn't know a thing about blogging so I really jumped in with my eyes closed to the whole game all I knew was I loved writing, and telling stories.  I was so nervous at the beginning. It was a huge step to put my blog out there but it went down so well and I've never looked back. I've gotten over 27,000 hits now and I'm still in shock!! Blogging has been an amazing platform for me and has really opened a lot of doors for me. I've gotten to interview some incredible people such as MTV's Laura Whitmore, Xposé presenter Lisa Cannon, Fair City's Maclen Burke it's just been amazing and I love blogging.

3. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

When I'm not working on my own blog I'm writing for the other websites that I mentioned above,,, They're each so different like The Liberal is real breaking news stories and reporting it as quick as possible. It requires you to keep up to date with Irish news, world news, politics, entertainment but it's great fun. With JustJen and TSO it's very different, they're both easy going and I don't have to stick to such a strict schedule which is great. With both I cover fashion/showbiz/entertainment so I always have to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of entertainment so I'm always on the web looking for breaking stories, reading the paper, watching the news. I'm also studying for the leaving cert, doing a course in radio and presenting and spending way too much time playing with my dogs. 

4. Are you a full time blogger? How did you get into blogging and why?

I am not a full time blogger, as much as I wish I was I am not. I don't write for any money or anything I just write for my love of writing and telling stories maybe down the line I'd like to become a commercial blog but right now, it's not something I'm interested in. 

5. How do you keep coming up with content for your blog?

I'm actually just back from a three week break from my blog as I took time off to see how my life would be without it and I can't say I liked it at all. I felt like I was concentrating too much on the stats and losing my element from the blog, I was always told people read my blog because it was different it wasn't a typical blog but I felt like it was becoming 'another blog' so took time off to decide where I want to go with it and in those three weeks I had so much inspiration for blog posts.

It can be difficult to keep coming up with content and you can go three days even not having a clue then all of a sudden 10 different ideas will hit you and you're sitting up in bed at 4am drafting posts, I can't say they come from anywhere really sometimes they just need to hit you.But I do find your own personal experiences go down so well, some of my most read are personal pieces like the day I first met Conor Murray or my home town at Christmas things that make your blog stand out.

6. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

A blogger I really admire is Aoibhe Devlin from I'm not just being biased because I write for TSO but Aoibhe is such an amazing inspirational woman. She's from Dublin but currently living in Perth working for Prada and is such an inspiration. I love her writing style and she's helped me out so much!!

Another is Jennifer Purcell from one again I swear I'm not being biased but she's helped me along so much and I really realte to her. She's from Limerick and studying journalism in UL. She uses her blog to promote everything good about her city and charities there, she's one girl with no ends to her talents.. mark my words she'll go far!!

7. Name the top blogs you read?

TEN!!!! - Okay,
1. The Secret Obsession- It's one of the first blogs I've ever read and I've been a fan since day 1 -
2. Just Jen Blog -
3. Model Madeline Mulqueens new blog amazes me!! -
4. Barrell Of Secrets -
5. A judge Less Life -
6. An amazing sports blog is 'From the scoops to the stand' which is a good friends blog
7. For everything rugby it has to be Murray Kinsella's
8. Holly Carpenter's is great!
9. Every blogger loves SoSueMe

8.What makes you read the above blogs?

I love them all for so many different reasons. I don't think any of them are the same and that's what's so special they all bring something new, opposed to the sport blogs I don't generally just go for fashion, or beauty blogs I love a mixture and I love personal pieces which these all have. 

9. Tell us something we don't know about you?

Hmmm.. I always ask this in an interview and I never actually considered how hard it would be to think on the spot!!Well I wrote 25 facts about me before but one quick thing that not many people know is that when I was about 7/8 I wrote a letter to Mary Mcaleese, who was the president of Ireland at the time and invited her for dinner in my house. I received a letter back, but she was *surprisingly unable to attend, I was heartbroken!! I had the perfect spot for her to park her helicopter out my back garden!

10. Link us to all of your social media platforms.

And you can email me on

Now wasn't that just fantastic. I loved reading these answers. Well done Lynda, great answers. Don't forget to pop over and like all her social media links. 

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