W7 Power Puff Blender Sponge

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Today I am going to review W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. W7 Face Blender is dupe of famous Beauty Blender. W7 Face Blender retails for only €3.95 which is a fraction of the price tag for the original Beauty Blender. Both are equally soft, latex free, fragrance free and very easy to use. I don’t like Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as it absorbs more product and I don’t find it soft. Most of the time I use sponge as it helps in achieving quick and even application of the product. I also like to use foundation brushes sometimes but using sponge gives more flawless look.

W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge is gorgeous. They are also available in 5-6 colours and egg shape. This sponge is very soft to touch, wider base is designed to cover larger areas of the face whereas the pointed top end is for all the nooks and crannies. The size of this blender is just perfect to dump into on the go make up bag.

So let me tell you about how I use W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge. First thing I do is wet my W7 Face Blender until it swell in size and once it is thoroughly soaked, I gently squeeze excess water from sponge until it feels damp and but not wet. Then I Dispense 1 pump of foundation on back of my hand and gently bounce the round end of sponge onto foundation. Then apply it in bouncing/patting motion all over my face until all the foundation is buffed in evenly. To achieve the fuller coverage you can repeat the same process with wide end of sponge. I use pointed end of sponge to apply foundation/concealer around the inner corner of eyes, nose and lips. These points you cannot reach with using the brush. Always try to use sponge in constant patting or bouncing type action as doing this gives more flawless natural looking skin and removes the chance of streaking or tone change in the skin
Image from W7

Cleaning the sponge is easy. I prefer washing it with a mild shampoo and then I let it dry. It gets bigger in size when it’s drenched but restores to its original shape as soon as it has dried. W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge is amazing softer, bouncier and just feels far more luxe on my skin. It does not absorb too much product. Leaves a smooth, even layer of foundation on the skin. This is a fuss free and quick way to apply foundation on face. W7 face blender is a very good alternative to the Beauty Blender as in my opinion final results are very same. Below is a picture of my foundation after using the power puff.

What do you think about W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge? You can buy W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge from Mulligans chemists, Simply Foxy, Sam McCauleys.

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