Baby Wipes/ Make Up Wipes

Simple and cheap, many women use face wipes to clean their faces But experts worry they could cause wrinkles, spots, and saggy eyes!!!

They are Cheap, effective and, most importantly, quick. And it's no wonder cleansing wipes have become a hit with busy women. They mean no more messing around with cotton wool or cream to take off make-up at the end of the day — you just wipe and go.
In fact, sales of cleansing wipes have doubled in the past year. But while this might be excellent news for beauty brands, it could be bad news for our skin, causing everything from spots to wrinkles. Wipes don’t effectively cleanse skin and, instead, smear dirt and make-up across it. Worse, everything from the physical act of wiping the skin to the fluid the wipes are impregnated with can cause skin problems...

We’ve been told over and over and over again that makeup wipes are basically a fabrication of the devil himself, so they are. I see other women in the supermarket shiftily look left to right and then pop a double pack into their shopping basket and cover it with a box of cereal and well, I have a few packs stocked away myself. Yes, I’ve admitted it. I own cleansing wipes. I don’t use them for cleansing, I use them for wiping my hands when applying makeup. They do the same job as hand wipes but I go for Penneys (own brand) that leave my hands foundation free and lovely and soft. 

I used to use Nivea face wipes every day. The formula is much more gentle than other wipes and d’you know what? They did a good job at removing the first layer of makeup. I always used a ‘proper’ cleanser to get rid of the remainder but the process was much easier with the wipes. It really was. But now I use a full facial skincare regime from cleansing, toning and moisturising and my skin is in tip top condition as a result. If i even dream of using a wipe on my face, it breaks out in the days following. 

Do you own a pack? If so, what do you use it for? Do you think it’s that bad to use them on your face? Let’s get commenting. 

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