Declare Power Duo Oil & Serum

Declare was developed in the late 1970′s for sensitive skin.It is currently available in over 50 countries. I recently was introduced to Declare when I was sent a fabulous package from Karen. I mean look at it, a fab make up bag, and 5 products. When i opened the package the smell was fabulous. I instantly wanted to wear it all lol. 

I received Cleansing Milk, Shower Gel, Power Duo Oil, Sun Protection and hand cream. 5 fab products. Today I am going to talk about the Power Duo Oil. It is a lightweight serum suitable for sensitive skin that sinks in instantly, providing a perfect base for moisturiser. This velvety, nurturing vitamin cocktail relaxes demanding skin wonderfully, enabling it to regenerate longterm. The combination of the two phases lavishes your skin with intensive moisture, and imbibes it with new energy thanks to valuable vitamins. Delicate oils make your skin feel powdery soft without weighing it down. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, your skin appears tauter and firmer. With Declaré src-complex™. For regenerated, perfectly groomes skin with new energy and radiance.

The nourishing vitamin cocktail which is produced by mixing the components, is for normal, dry and sensitive skin . This is definitely a product for demanding skin, which has already a few years under their belts. The rich serum-oil combination provides the skin with moisture and helps the skin by means of hyaluronic acid to save it. Furthermore, the mixture contains plenty of vitamins. 

Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, the skin is all day long velvety-soft, firm and plump - but not greasy. Although I used the Power Duo even in the morning at day care and Foundation,  my T-zone has not shone as usual, and no pimples or other skin reactions.  On the contrary, I have the impression that the skin has even improved. My skin now glows due to this little gem of a product. 

The regenerating multivitamin care consists of two phases - a hydro and a lipid component - the mix in your hand just before application. The two separate chambers inside the pretty bottles can be recognized well. If you press the top of the dispenser, serum and oil are separated from the openings provided (Caution: The mixture is quite runny!). 

Advantage number 1: The components can be found in the perfect relationship.When mixing by shaking it happens in my experience often that at the end of one of the phases is more left than from the other. 
Advantage number 2: The ingredients of oil and serum do not react with each other at an early stage, which is probably beneficial for durability or effectiveness of the product.

So there ya have my insider information on the Declare Power Duo Oil. It retails at 59.95, i know it is quite expensive but for what you get it really is worth it. Locally in Waterford it is available in Delaneys Chemist in Johnstown. Declare are available on Twitter and Facebook. Check them out ladies. 

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