Penneys Beauty Accessories

Well hello there my lovelies, today I am bringing you some beauty essentials from our beloved Penneys. Why spend millions when we can spend pennies eh!!! Lol. All joking aside these three products help me everyday with my make up looks and skincare. 

First up is the Brush cleanser, now this Brush cleanser is great for on the spot brush cleaning. I use this to clean my brushes in between deep cleanses. I deep clean my brushes once a week but this cleanser is fab for cleaning brushes especially when you use a really prominent colour and the brush needs a clean before you can use it again. It retails at 2.50 and is very good value. All you do is spray a small amount on the brush, then swirl it on a tissue and it will clean the brush. Let it dry naturally and the brush is good to go again. As I said excellent value for an inbetween deep cleanse clean. I've been using mine for about 2 months and I still have over half of it left. I would not depend on this to give your brushes a deep clean it is not that effective but it is perfect for on the spot cleaning. 

Secondly is the Facial Cleansing Brush, this is suppose to be for cleansing your face with. Again I don't use it for that. I use mine for deep cleaning my make up brushes. I wet the brush, apply a small amount of washing up liquid onto the cleansing pad, then swirl the brush in the washing up liquid on the cleansing pad. This pad gets deep down into the bristles and gives them a really deep clean. Rinse under warm water and the brush is impeccably clean. I love this little diamond of a product. I would not even consider it for cleaning your face it is very flimsy. But as a brush cleaner it is well worth the hefty 1 euro pricetag. Yes you heard me correctly 1 euro. I mean you'd barely get a bag of jellies for a Euro. 

And last but not least the facial cleansing brush. Now what can I say about this. This is a godsend. I am all for cutting down time in the bathroom before bedtime, and this little diamond will help. A lot of people are using electrical or battery powered cleansing brushes. This brush is the same as those except you use it manually. It is not battery or mains operated. This does not take away from the brush at all. I got this brush ages ago and I have even got a second one to leave in my other halfs house so I have one there and don't need to be bringing it with me. So how do I use it. I smooth some cleansing milk or cream cleanser onto my face using my hands. Then i get my facial cleansing brush and manually go in small circles around my face working from the chin to the forehead. This brush helps melt away the make up. I rinse my face using water and then repeat the process to make sure everything is gone. Now for the bad news. This brush costs 1.50, i know like the cheek of penneys lol. It is a serious bargain. This cleanses the skin, removes makeup, exfoliates gently enough for it to be used daily. I love love love mine. 

So there ya have it. For 5 Euro you get 3 excellent products that will save you hours. From saving time infront of the mirror, to saving time cleansing make up brushes. 

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