Ziaja Waterford Event

So on Saturday I attended the fabulous Ziaja Launch event in Shaws Waterford hosted by brand ambassador Emma Sheehan from Mastering your MakeUp. I was really excited to attend as it was my first proper brand launch, and I really wanted to meet Emma. I love reading Emma's blog and when she first started I really related as she was doing the same Itec Make Up artistry course I had completed. It was really good to see someone else completing the course. 

So now onto the main reason for this post. Ziaja launched their brand in Shaws Waterford in style. Ziaja is currently celebrating 25 years in business and their range is just amazing. I don't think their is a product in their range that I don't love. Currently I have 6 products from the range and all of the facemasks. I am especially in love with the Sensitive Enzyme Peel it really refreshes the skin. I also have the Olive leaf Gel Scrub Microexfoliating and the Olive leaf Nourishing cream. I love this range,its refreshes and strengthens the skin from within. My other products are the new SLIM range i am currently trialling. Some of you may have seen this range featured in the local News & Star. This new range is designed to slim, firm and drain the skin of cellulite and fat particles. I will have a review of these up soon.

When I arrived in Shaw's , Emma was meeting and greeting people and then we got down to business. Emma informed us of all the range of products and especially the ones she likes. Emma went on to tell us all about Ziaja and there business. It was a really informative talk about all the products and the different ways they work for your skin. 

How fabulous does Emma look? She really does know her stuff. After the talk I got to meet Emma and she really is such a lovely girl. Ziaja could not have picked a better brand ambassador. I asked Emma for some recommendations of products and I went on to purchase the Manuka Exfoliating Night Cream and the Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. Both products cost me just over 10 Euro and I got a free hand cream for spending over 10 Euro. I cannot wait to use my new products. Emma uses both products herself and loves them. The Manuka Exfoliating Night Cream is a dream cream with almond acid that gently exfoliates and regenerates the skin while you sleep without causing any irritation. The manuka extract reduces acne lesions and enlarged pores, brightens dark spots caused by sun and inflammation and the added bonus – this cream’s anti-ageing ingredients improve skin firmness leaving it feeling soft and smooth. The Cocoa Butter is a Smoothing body lotion with cocoa butter for everyday care. Action Gently lubricates- improves skin elasticity and moisture level. Leaves a beautiful smell and comforts the skin.

After speaking with Emma we were treated to lovely Polish fruit juices and little sweet treats. Then those who had pre registered for the event got goodie bags. In mine I got Olive Leaf Micellar Water, Olive leaf hand cream, Sensitive Enzyme Peel, Goat's Milk Night Cream, Cocoa Butter Cream and Olive Leaf Body Lotion. Amazing goodie bag. Can't wait to give these all use. 

Absolutely fabulous event from a great skincare company. All these products are available in Shaws Waterford. I think the dearest product in the range is around 8 euro and the cheapest is 70 cent. This is definetly a brand you need to familiarise yourself with. Below is a pic of myself with Emma, as I said before she is a lovely girl. Make sure and check out her page linked above. 

That's it for today ladies. Thanks for reading xxx 

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