10 things you DIDN'T know about me!

Thanks to Genevieve Isabelle Smith, from  The Good, The Bad and The Fabulous blog, I was nominated to answer 10 questions about myself. For all of you out there who love to learn a little bit more about me.  After I answer these questions, I will nominate another 10 blogs and ask them 10 different questions!

So my questions from Genevieve were : 

1. What is your favourite dessert?

It has to be chocolate fudge cake or chocolate brownie, definitely chocolate cake it's my favourite, whether it be in fudge cake format or brownie they are both as equally nice as each other. 

2. Do you have a favourite author?

Jodi Picoult is my all time favourite author, but recently I was introduced to Emma Hanigans books and I love them, I need to get me some more of them. 

3. Your go to shade of lipstick?

My go to shade of lipstick is Catrice 270 its a perfect peach/coral colour, fabulous daytime colour, it's always in my handbag.

4. A place you have yet to visit, but would love to go on holiday to?

I would love to visit America-places like California, New York, San Francisco. 

5. Your favourite dinner to make/ or have made for you?

Spaghetti Bolognese its my comfort food. I love love love it. 

6. Your favourite movie/ TV series?

Favourite tv series at the moment is Once Upon a Time, i watch it every night and I am just about caught up to the last season. 

7. Where were you born?

Airmount Hospital, Waterford

8. What did you want to be when you were younger?

A teacher, I always wanted to be a teacher, I even went and did my Arts degree, I never completed it i dropped out after 2 years but now I am glad I did or I would not have found my passion for beauty. 

9. Your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Ah lad's this one is hilarious well I think it is. One winter's day about 20 years ago I was getting ready to go to school. It had been snowing and was really icy, so i put on my uniform, tights shoes and coat and off i went out the door to the bus stop. I got as far as the front gate when I slipped and tore the 2 knees out of the tights. I had a few mins to spare so i went back in put on new tights, rushed back out and fell Again! lol . So back in i went again, more new tights, came out again avoiding both places i had fallen, and still managed to fall again, this time I had no time to spare, so 2 cuts and bleeding knees, holes in the tights I had to go to school. It was horrible by the time i got home the tights were wedged onto me with the dried in blood. 

10. Why did you choose your blog's name?

I choose my blogs name by combining my love of beauty and my name. A boutique is for fashion and clothes, whereas my beautique is for make up and beauty. I then combined it with Rach the part of my name everyone uses lol and so became Rachsbeautique. 

The blogs I am nominating are :

Your questions are:
1. What is your biggest blog related peeve?
2. What's your nickname and how did you get it?
3. Favourite Movie?
4. What blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
6. Favourite beauty tool/product?
7. How tall are you?
8. Favourite junk food?
9. Favourite song?
10. Last romantic gesture from partner, boyfriend, spouse,or someone special?

Hope you all have fun, thanks again to Genevieve for the tag. 


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