A-Z of Me

Hey there my lovelies, today I am bringing you the A - Z of me. I wasn't tagged in it
as a request but I saw it on Sharon's Behind Green Eyes and told her I would do it after I read hers. It is a fab way of getting to know us bloggers. So yea down to the nitty gritty the A - Z of me, oh what did i sign myself up for eh lol--- totes joking. Hope ye all enjoy. 

A : I am addicted to buying beauty and skincare products. I love nothing more than going into town and spending ages in Boots. Sam McCauleys, Debenhams browsing and deciding what to purchase on that day. I love love love it. I probably should be saving seen as I have got my Beauty Therapy place in college starting in September and need all the dosh I have for it.

B : Blogging I absolutely love it. I mean back when I started I really did not think it would take of like it did. I love it, i spend hours doing it.  B is also for brother, who i am always fighting with lol but sher hey that's siblings, but honestly without him i'd be lost.

C : The big C, cancer, while I've been sick for 3 years now I'm nearly at the end of the treatment and it seems like its finally nearly over. I haven't let it define my life and it never will. 

D : I love dogs. I have a Jack Russell in my mams house and a boxer with my partner. Dogs are always happy and always there to welcome you home. I love heading off for a walk with the dogs to de-stress and clear the mind. 

E : I really can get over excited about the smallest little thing, it could be something as simple as a new episode of my favourite show to a big new make up launch. 

F : Glorious food, me and food have always been enemies lol. Ever since I hit my teens me and food have always been at war. Over the past year though we have found a mutual agreement and I have lost 4 stone to date and hoping to lose a few more. 

G : Grass I hate the smell of freshly cut grass, I must be like the only one in the country but hey that's me lol always different.

H : Hair, i love love love my new hair. Following rounds of chemo i lost a good portion of my hair so i shaved it all to the same length and then it grew back, it was down to shoulder length in places when i won hair extensions on facebook from Envy Hair, and i now love love my extensions, i don't know how i coped before i had them. 

I : I is for Instagram I’m trying to NOT get obsessed. It’s wonderful and exciting and a huge community of pretty amazing photos… You can follow me here!

J :Jogging, i started last year on couch to 5k and I have to say i was fairly sceptical at first that I would be able to do it but I have. I love heading out for a run now it really clears the mind.

K: I used to have an addiction for key rings. I swear when i got my first car my dad used to tell me id break the barrel lock because of the weight of the 20 key rings i had attached to it.

L : I absolutely hate Liars! I really grinds my gears! Why do it? Whats the point? What do you achieve from it?

M : M is for Mini and I love my mini. Its the one car that i truly have not become bored of after a few months. I have it 2 years now and its great. I love hopping in and heading off somewhere in it. And it's the most wonderful colour blue ever. It sparkles in the sun.  Also a big shout out to my mam who is always in my corner!

N : I’m a night owl. I think I just love the peace and quiet at night when everyone is in bed. It's my quiet time for me where I watch tv or catch up on blogging.

O : I love shopping online and generally being online in the lovely world of the internet.

P : I love all shades of purple. I find it relaxing and it goes with almost every colour out there. P also represents that special person in my life who without his support I would not have been able to do alot of things.

Q : I’m a qualified make up artist. Skincare was and is still my favourite thing I learned out of it all

R : My father wanted to call me Roberto after Roberto Baggio the famous Italian Soccer Player

S : I love watching soaps I watch Eastenders, Neighbours, Home and Away, Corrie, and Emmerdale religiously. 

T : T is for Thailand! I went back in Nov 2011 and it was the best holiday I was ever on! I cried in the airport as I did not want to leave and come back to Ireland, which for me was a first as I am always the homesick one! 

U : I try to wear sunscreen everyday to protect my skin against UV damage i.e wrinkles lol!

V : Valentine's I really think it is a day for companies. I mean they make so much money from it. Fair enough its nice to get a card and a pressie but i just think it is so forced.

W : I love winter, i love that its acceptable to come home at 5 o clock and put on pj's curl up at the fire and chill out. Summer seems to be all about doing things and making the most of each day. I prefer winter lol.

X : Xray, i've had about 100 of them at this stage, now i could be wrong on that and could have had more but sher an estimate is grand. I'm a pro at xrays, bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures. 

Y : Yellow i love those little yellow minions! And also yellow sunflowers!

Z : I love the zoo, I haven't been now for a few years and it defo needs a revisit. I'm a big kid at heart. I loved watching the Rte programme on the zoo and love all the animals except snakes, I hate snakes and i rarely go into the reptile house unless I run past the snake section lol.

 So i tag Grace over at It's All G, Grace over at Make Me Up,Aisling over at Total Make Up Addict and Ciara at Food Fashion and the Fight

Have fun girlies. 

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