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Bio-Oil is funding a new body confidence performance projects in schools with The Body Gossip charity in light of new findings. To summarise:

-       New survey stats reveal teenagers worry more about their bodies than their grades
-       42% of teens worry about being overweight and 25% worry about the size of their breasts
-       Teen body worries prevent 1in10 from contributing in class and 15% from taking part in PE classes
-       A quarter of teens have been bullied about the way they look, making 1in5 feel ugly and 1in10 have even wanted to self-harm
-       The charity Body Gossip is offering schools free Body Confidence Performance Projects funded by Bio-Oil to help improve body confidence amongst teenagers
-       Call out for people to share their body confidence advice to form the Body Confidence Performance Projects

Teenagers worry more about their bodies than their exam grades
Bio-Oil sponsors Body Confidence Performance Projects in schools across the UK to inspire a life-time of body confidence

A new survey of teenagers across the UK reveals that they worry more about their bodies than their grades.
The concerns are not only that body worries are distracting teens from their exams; the survey also highlights that the reality is skin and body worries are preventing one in 10 from contributing in class, they’re stopping 15% from taking part in PE classes and they’re making 13% not want to go to school at all.

The biggest body concern for teenage girls is being overweight, which is a worry for two in five; other worries in the top ten body concerns include size of breasts (25%), teeth (17%), the size of their bum (16%) and stretch marks (11%).

Further survey insights show that over a quarter of teens have been bullied about the way they look, skin and body worries make one in five “feel ugly” and one in ten have even wanted to self-harm because of their skin or body worries.

With skin and body confidence at an all-time low, skin treatment oil Bio-Oil is funding the Body Conference Performance Projects in schools with the charity Body Gossip. Bio-Oil’s mission: to inspire a life-time of body confidence, starting in schools and inspiring women of all ages. Performance project will take advice from real women into schools, that’s why they are calling out to people all across the country to share their own Body Philosophy – or wisdom that they have gathered over the years - so that others can benefit from their advice. 

“As we go through life, our perspective on what is important changes. Being overweight is the biggest worry for teenagers, yet our survey of older women shows that looking back, over a quarter wish they’d embraced their figure more. We want to gather this wisdom on a mass scale and share it with people of all ages across the UK” comments Julie Lardieg, Senior Brand Manager for Bio-Oil.

Julie continues “Your Body Philosophy might be something you wish you’d known when you were younger, some great advice your mother gave you, or simply your take on what matters when it comes to being body confident. My Body Philosophy is: You only have one skin, take care of it!

Bio-Oil will be funding Body Gossip to run a Body Confidence Performance Project in 20 schools nationwide. Body Gossip is a charity that uses arts and education to empower young people to be the best version of themselves.

Body Gossip’s Founder and Director, Ruth Rogers explains “Low self-esteem due to a lack of body confidence is preventing far too many young people from fulfilling their potential. It doesn’t just negatively affect their educational growth in school, it can also drastically alter a young person’s development in adult life. The advice collected through the Bio-Oil Body Philosophy project will become valuable content for the drama sessions and we are urging people to get involved and share their Body Philosophies so that we can help make a difference to those body confidence issues at school.”

How to get involved:
To read the Body Philosophy gallery, feel inspired and share your own words of wisdom, visit:
Alternatively, find us on Twitter @BioOilUK and tell us your Body Philosophy using #bodyphilosophy
From 1st June to 31st October you can nominate a school to receive a free Body Confidence Workshop here:

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