Botanics Radiance Balm

The world and it's mother have been going nuts for Botanics Radiance Balm with months. I have to say I am on the bandwagon and I love it! Every time I went on social media, read a blog, turned on my phone, I was bombarded with images of this product. Everybody was hailing it as a dupe for Mac's Strobe Cream. Everybody was screaming about it from the rooftops. As far as I am concerned it is definitely a cheaper alternative to Mac Strobe cream. It give a perfect glow to the skin when worn alone or under foundation. 

Where has this balm been all my life? Its the ultimate skin quick-fix.  I put it on after my moisturiser but before my foundation. The texture of the balm is a fluidy cream that feels like satin on the skin and smells gorgeous! It acts as a liquid highlighter that radiates and gives the skin a natural, healthy glow. 

I’m sure we can all look a bit dull and dreary some days, especially first thing in the morning, well this is the perfect product to boost skin’s overall appearance and give an effortlessly brightened look before even going near any makeup. The balm looks a baby pinkish colour in the tube but is actually more of a pearl colour on the skin. It acts as a perfect base for liquid foundation and gives a flawless and pore-less finish that feels soft and supple all day. It will certainly bring your skin to life.  You can also mix a pea sized amount in with your foundation for that gorgeous dewy glow.  Add a little bit under your eyes for that bright eyed appearance. This product can also be used on the body,add some to your collar bones to make them shimmer!  

As you can see above I have just applied the balm to my naked face(aaaaaahhh) and it gives off the nicest glow and finish to the face. It really does what it says. It brightens up the skin perfectly. In the pic below I have mixed a pea size amount with my foundation and applied using my W7 Power Puff sponge. I haven't used any other highlighter on my skin just the Boots Radiance Balm mixed with my foundation. It gives a lovely healthy glow to the skin.

Definitely a new addition to my daily essentials and at just €3.99 (on offer-usually €7.99) its an absolute steal! It's permanently in my make up bag.  Anyone else use it? Do you like it?

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