Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-ageing + Intensive Repair Daily Serum 30ml

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-ageing + Intensive Repair Daily Serum 30ml

Destined to become everyone’s favourite, our proven serum works immediately and over time to counteract environmental damage and visible ageing signs with a powerful combination of Idebenone and skin revitalizing technology.

I was lucky enough to get a small sample of this to try out. I have been using it now for just over 4 weeks and I have seen an incredible difference.  As the quantity is small I focussed on my eye area and forehead as that is where I felt I needed it most. I have included before and after pictures of the areas I used it on. 

It works by helping support your skin’s natural collagen matrix. And, thanks to Arazine – an exclusive new molecule – it actually soothes your skin while protecting again free radicals and reducing signs of ageing caused by chronic inflammation. With continued use, it significantly reduces the visible appearance of age spots, wrinkles and even deep lines.

Best of all, it’s proven to enhance the performance of other PREVAGE treatment products.
·         After 15 minutes, 63% of women showed a significant immediate improvement in fine lines, radiance and luminosity, while 74% showed a significant immediate improvement in lift.
·         After 4 weeks, 98% of women saw a significant improvement in radiance and luminosity, 92% felt it brightens the look of skin.
·         After 8 weeks, 94% of women saw an overall improvement in their skin’s appearance and felt that skin looked calm and soothed.

How to use : Apply 1-2 drops to the whole face or areas affected, make sure to apply after cleansing and before moisturiser.

Now ladies, here comes the bad news. Even though it is an amazing product and works wonders I do not know if I could warrant the €220.00 pricetag which is attached. It is definitely a splurge product that’s for sure.

Below are my before pics 

And now for the after pics :

I am very pleased with the results. The lines are barely visible anymore. This anti ageing intensive repair serum really does do as it promises. What do ye think?

 So what do the ingredients do: 

ARAZINE AND BLEND OF PANTHENYLTRIACETATE (PTA) AND NARINGENIN: Fights acute Inflammation; Soothing and redness reduction in 15 minutes. Reduces acute and chronic inflammation that accelerates the visible signs of skin aging.
BLEND OF MICA AND SILICA PIGMENTS, SILICONE and BoNT-L PEPTIDE, RETINYL LINOLEATE AND ORGANIC SILICON DERIVATIVES: Softens the appearance of fine lines; Reduces fine lines & wrinkles; Help relax wrinkles with BoNT-L peptide; Stimulates collagen/elastin with RetinylLinoleate; Cell regeneration and renewal with Organic silicon derivatives.
MICA AND SILICA PIGMENTS,SOFT FOCUS SILICONE BLENDS, AND ENCAPSULATED PEPTIDE: Improves skin’s radiance; Reduces hyperpigmentation & evens skin tone; Encapsulated peptide inhibits melanin syntthesis.


Has anyone else tried it or used Elizabeth Arden products before? 

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