Sunday Snippet : Mammy Red Head

Today's Sunday Snippet features Gemma from Mammyredhead blog. I love reading Gemma's blog as it keeps me up to date on all that is going on from arts and crafts to buying super cute hair clips. Gemma is a stay at home mammy and blogs and Gemma is soon going to be featuring some beauty posts from guest bloggers. Check out our interview. 

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

 I’m a stay at home Mammy to two little ones a boy and a girl, my life is all a wee bit crazy but sure it’s fun.  Before babies I worked in Special needs and in collage I studied Journalism.  I love blogging and it’s opened up such an amazing world to me.

2.  How did you get into blogging and why? 

 I’ve always written and like I said I studied Journalism but when I took time out to buy a house, have babies do the grown up stuff my writing got put aside.  When I got grip on bottle feeding, nappies and being a wife, well kind of, I felt I needed to get back into writing and id read some blogs and thought I’d have a go.

3. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? 

 As you may guess the answer to this already; look after my two babas, and I like going out with friends, reading spending time with hubby

4. Are you a full time blogger?

 How did you get into blogging and why?  I blog when I can in the evenings, late at night and sometimes if I’m really lucky when the babas are exhausted I get to blog during the day.

5. How do you keep coming up with content for your blog?   

Mostly its from what I come across in my everyday life discussions with family and friends, or a comment from a passer-by. Might just spark something. I read feeds on facebook, pages associated to my topics and often I’ll read blogs and that will spark an idea. 

6. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?  

The Two Darlings, Eimear’s blog has brilliant content and she does so much work along with looking after her two little ones.  She’s being published and interviewed which I aspire to.  Eimear is inspiration

Cuddles and Contouring, Lisa is brilliant at putting up great beauty blogs and also fabulous family posts.

Mags Style, Margret is so friendly and although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet I look forward to meeting her at one of the ITWBN.  Her blogs are interesting and always current.

7. Name the top blogs you read?

The Two Darlings
Cuddles and Contouring
Yummy Mummy
Along Came Polly
Dolly Dowsie

I am joined to a few groups on facebook and a lot of the time I read blogs through those pages

8.What makes you read the above blogs?   

A good catching title.  I’m not a beauty blogger so I love reading the news on what’s new, if you meet me you’d think I never read beauty blogs but I do!!  I like watching videos as my day is busy quick blogs are great for a two min breather during the day

9. Tell us something we don't know about you? 

 I take things to heart I come across as a strong person and that no comment will hurt even the smallest but it does I embarrass easily and this doesn’t help as a read head, if your one you’ll know what I mean.

10. Link us to all of your social media platforms.   

Thanks a million to Gemma for featuring love catching up on her blog, make sure to check her out. 

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