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Back in February I applied to Waterford College of Further Education for the Full Time Beauty Course. I had applied the previous August but it was too late to be accepted onto the course in 2014. As most of you know I have been battling a long illness and I am nearly out the other side of it, so I thought it would give me something to get me back to normal again, and make my life somewhat normal again if its possible.So when the first round of interviews were announced I was straight in there. Following my Itec Make Up Certificate I found I loved Make Up and beauty, it even made me create this blog. I got my interview and in late May I was accepted onto the course. I was elated. I couldn't wait to start. I then found out that a good friend Grace from It's All G was after been accepted to the same course in Bray. It was fab to know that I would be able to rant and natter away to a friend and compare courses. 

So fast forward a few months to September, I went in for my induction day and was mad to start. We start a little over two and a half weeks ago, and it's been great so far. There is 20 girls in the class and we all bounce of each other and get on so well. There is a great mix in the class and I already have made a fab new friend. We get on so well and it's great to have a companion in class. We were thrown straight into it, Monday two weeks ago, 3 hours of Manicure/Pedicure practical, business theory class and then 2 hours of Waxing! Subjects wise we cover Manicure/Pedicure, Waxing, Business, Cosmetic Science, Skin/Eye Treatments & Make Up, Anatomy & Physiology and Facial Machines. We have a mixture of practical and theory classes. Each day is split up into theory and practical. I won't make it out to be all happy clappy because believe me the theory classes are definetly hard and there is lots of study involved! 

The best parts of class are the practicals where you are been worked on, 2 hours of facials been done on you a week, an hour of waxing, Make Up been done, and then the use of Facial Machines such as Vacuum Suction, Desincrustation and Ionthefresis, and 1 hour of your nails been done! Come next May my face will be like a babys bottom! Lol. All in all it is a great course and I really do urge anyone with a flair for beauty to give it a go. I know I can't wait to be fully trained. As I have some qualifications already I am exempt from some exams which is a bonus. It feels so good to be doing something I love. I am struggling a little with tiredness but that is due to my illness and I know that its quite a shock to the system to be back in full time education 9-4.30 every day so I am really trying to enjoy my days off and also trying to improve my energy levels! I will check back in again in another few weeks when we are knee deep in case studies and study! 

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