W7 Cheeky Trio, Toasted, Brow Master & Hollywood Bronze & Glow

Recently I was sent alot of products from W7 Cosmetics Ireland, and I am so grateful to them. I didn't want to do a long post I wanted to talk about each product in some depth.  In the package I received I got the Hollywood Bronze & Glow, W7 Toasted Palette,  The Cheeky Trio Palette, Hide and Seek Concealers, Power Puff, Brow Masters, a Matte lipstick, a fluorescent lipstick and one their new liquid lipsticks. Seriously spoiled by Lynn in W7. 

Today I am going to discuss 4 of the products seen above, I am going to talk about the Brow Masters, the Toasted palette, Cheeky Trio palette and the Hollywood Bronze & Glow. I am so excited about these, I really love W7 products as they are so budget friendly. I already talked about the range of W7 Palettes which are cheaper alternatives to the Naked Palettes here. The Power Puff is a cheaper alternative to the beauty blender and I discussed that here. So now onto the reviews. 

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow

I was over the moon to receive this as I had my eye on it for a while, and I didn't get the chance to pick it up anywhere. Most of you will already know that this little gem is a very famous cheaper alternative to the expensive Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. This duo comes in a brown plastic palette, and inside you have a beautiful bronzer  with a warm undertone to it. I was quite taken aback at how impressive the bronzer was. It  looks lovely and natural on the skin, and as it is not massively pigmented it can be built up from a nice natural look to a deep contour. I love using this as a contour as it gives the effect of a cheekbone shadow compared to a bronzed glow which is so much better for contouring. Next up is the highlighter, now as we all know I am as pale as a ghost at times, and this highlight is a lovely champagne colour with gold scattered throughout. It is a chunky highlighter, but this doesn't alter how effective it is. I love this highlighter for a natural daytime look. At the end of the post I will post a picture of me wearing all 4 products so you can see how effective it is. This highlighter is a fabulous colour on and when the light picks it up the gold flecks are amazing. It gives the cheekbone a fabulous lift. The only downside is that the staying power of the highlighter isn't as effective as the bronzer. I found that after 6 hours the highlighter did need a touch up but it's nothing to major in my book. This product retails at €3.75 and can be bought from W7 online here or in Pulse Accessories or Sam McCauleys. I love this and you really do need to try it! 

W7 Brow Master

Next up are the Brow Stencils. As you know I am brow obsessed. Now i never really used stencils before now so it was new for me to use these. In the little package you receive 4 stencils. There is a full arch, high arch, medium arch and slim arch. So after some careful consideration I decided the high arch was for me, the full arch was a little to full for me, and the medium was a little to slim, so high arch i went for. I lined up the brow stencil as well as I could, and with my Sleek brow wax I outlined the shape of the arch from the stencil. I then removed the stencil and filled it in using powder. I then ran a comb through the brows to make them natural looking. I was extremely pleased and loved how perfect my brows looked. I did notice I had some stray hairs so the following day, when I had no make up on I used the stencil, outlined the shape again, and this time instead of filling in the brow, I used my tweezers to eliminate any stray hairs and now my brows are shaped exactly like the stencil. I still like to use the stencil for precision, but they are excellent for using to fill in brows or for using to get your desired brow shape. This product retails at €2 and can be bought from W7 online here, or Pulse or Sam McCauleys. These are an absolute steal and I love them, there is a shape to suit everyone. If makes doing eyebrows so much easier especially if you are brow obsessed like me.

W7 Cheeky Trio

Next we have the Cheeky Trio Palette. This is my new favourite daytime palette. It contains a highlighter, blush and contour product. This all-in-one palette opens to reveal a trio of sculpting, blush and highlighting colours, perfect for achieving glowing cheekbones and a three dimensional look in just a few steps.  The colour is intensely pigmented yet blends beautifully. The highlighter is perfect for a very subtle look, it doesnt shimmer or glitter, but it is noticeable on the skin. The blush is a cross between a coral and pink, and it looks amazing on Irish skin, it really gives you that lovely apply effect on the cheek, like you have rosy cheeks. The contour is a lovely matte brown which sculpts and gives dimension to the hollows of your cheeks.  Below is a swatch of the colours in the palette. 

Don't they look fabulous? This palette retails at €7.99 and again is available online from w7, Sam McCauleys or Pulse Accessories. 

Last but not least is the Toasted Palette!

W7 Toasted Palette featuring four roasted beige to brown shades which have a beautiful shimmer to them. I didn't know this little palette existed till it popped through the letterbox and am I so glad it did. These 4 shades are perfect for that soft subtle smokey eye which is soft enough for daytime but can be vamped up for nightime. 

I love using this palette, the first shade can also be used as a fabulous highlighter especially for nightime or going out when you want that extra bit of sparkle. These shadows can all be used in various combinations and look amazing together. This palette retails in around the 5 Euro mark so it is exceptional value for what you receive. It can be bought online here or from Sam McCauleys, Castle Pharmacy, or Pulse Accessories. 

So that's all from me today on W7. Anyone else love this brand? Below is a picture of me wearing all the products above. 

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