Cocoa Brown Passion Persistence Pink Event

As most of you know on Sunday 27th September I attended Marissa Carter's Passion Persistence Pink event in the luxurious Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. This event was arranged to launch 2 new Cocoa Brown products. I was invited along to the event as a special VIP guest, so you can imagine how excited I was to attend. The event was all over social media on the day as bloggers and Cocoa Brown lovers were eagerly awaiting the launch of the new products. We all could not wait to find out what the new products were. 

I arrived at the Shelbourne at 11.30 for registration with the lovely Kate Kelly who greeted all the bloggers. We were then able to take some pictures with the fabulous Marissa if we wanted to wait. When i got there the queue for pictures was very long so I opted to go straight in. Inside I waited for the lovely Grace from It's All G. When we met it was like we had known each other for years, no awkward silences lol. We then made our way into the "Great Room" where it was all set out. Pink was the the theme as it is the signature Cocoa Brown colour. We sat with the lovely Emma from Mastering your MakeUp and Anita from, it was great to meet Anita in person, and great to see Emma again. Once everyone was seated and settled the lovely Marissa came in and greeted everyone from her fab pink back light stage. I totally adore this woman, she is so inspiring and is the same person as she appears to be on snapchat. I love it when a person is as down to earth as they appear. After a quick intro from Marissa she set about giving us some lovely goodies in the form of a Penneys voucher placed randomly under sporadic plates. I was lucky enough to win a voucher(queue shopping spree!)

After that excitement the lovely Tara Farrell, Aj Fitzsimmons and Rosie Connolly treated us to an ombre lip demo featuring Flormar lip liner and lipstick. Can you guess what was under our chairs? Only a fab lipliner and lipstick. Marissa then brought her gorgeous sister on the stage for a tantouring demo. I had seen this done on Marissa's snapchat but I haven't had the courage to do it myself lol! Using gentle bronze all over the face for a light cover, and then contour with some 1 hour tan. I have to say it does look amazing in the flesh and I am a little bit more eager to try it out now. I will definitely by trying it out while I am on holidays from college(no tan allowed in college!) The lovely Cocoa Brown team then delivered our swag bags into our laps, but we couldn't open them until after the product reveal. To say the whole room was excited is such an understatement. There is no way to describe the feeling in that room a few seconds prior to the announcement. 

The moment we had all been waiting for was here. Grace and I thought it was going to be a haircare product but boy oh boy were we wrong lol. It was 2 new instant tan gels. One in a shimmer lotion and one in a matte. I adore instant tan, it's so easy to apply and remove. I dreaded rain spots when wearing instant tan but not anymore. The new Cocoa Brown instant tans are splash proof meaning we need not worrying about rain spots anymore. It is also non comedongenic meaning it is safe to use on the face. Having problems finding a foundation to match your tan? Mix in a small amount of the matte instant tan with your foundation and wahlah matching foundation and tan. These ones look amazing, I have swatched them and can't wait to use them and do a full review.

We were then treated to Afternoon tea. We got some fabulous sandwiches and cupcakes with tea or coffee. Marissa took a well earned break while we all stuffed our faces. The lovely Grainne from Tresbelle popped over to us for a chat and it was great to meet her in person, she is such a lovely person. There were so many people I wanted to meet in person that day but I didn't get the chance to. 

Next up was Xfactor's amazing make up artist Julia Carter, who treated us to a make up demo. Marissa was Julia's model and she quizzed her on her career and how she got where she is today. It's all about the agents in the UK as we found out. Julia filled us in on her favourite products featuring Glowtonic, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford and many more. Julia loves using mixing mediums to lighten or darker foundations. Julia focuses deeply on the skin care, and if the skin is not perfect then the foundation or make up look will not look correct. Julia is Xfactor's resident make up artist but she started out by doing magazine shoots, she also went on tour with Britney Spears. One of the key points I picked up is to apply skincare and make up in many thin layers. Julia's look on Marissa was unreal, it was so natural but glowy. 

I didn't want the day to end but it had to. When I got home I had a good root around in my swag bag. Want to know what's in it, of course you do. We got the new Cocoa Brown instant tans, a fab Wet Brush, the new Dual Ended Tanning Mitt by Cocoa Brown, Flormar Lip Liner and Lipstick, SoSu polish, Hask Shampoo and Conditioner, Lipbalm, A voucher for Cara Pharmacy, Colab Dry Shampoo and a  Cloud10 beauty voucher. I mean how amazing were those swag bags! Totes unreal. 

Below are just some pics from the day

I hope you all enjoyed my post! I had a ball of a day and can't wait for the next one! The much awaited Cocoa Brown Tanning Gels are coming to a penneys near you soon! These are expected to land this week(12-19th) in stores nationwide!

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