Primark Make Up Brushes

I am a slave to make up! Literally! Lol. When I spotted the new make up brushes in Penneys Waterford a few weeks ago I knew had to try them. They all retail between €1.50 to €2.50 each which is amazzzzzing value for a make up brush! I picked up the double ended stippling brush and the contour brush. I was so excited to try these out. I really hoped they would be as good as they looked. I couldn't wait to try them out. I had been looking for a contour brush which that angled shape for ages and here it was in Penneys of all places. 

There are 5/6 different brushes available. These range from double ended eyeshadow brushes, double ended stippling brushes, double ended painter style foundation brush with a concealer on the other end, contour brush, and a kabuki style powder brush. I didn't need anymore eyeshadow brushes as I have about 50 of them lol. But these ones look to be fab quality and great for blending out shadows, and it also has a nice tapered end for perfecting smokey eyes and adding definition. The Powder kabuki brush looks lovely too and I may add this to my collection. So onto the brushes I got. 

Contour Brush

I love love love this brush. It is angular shaped and just perfect for contouring cheeks. I use it every day and have started to use it on clients. It has the perfect shape to add definition to the cheeks. It is lovely and soft, and sits perfectly into the contours of the cheeks. This retails at €2 which is amazeballs considering the Real Techniques Equivalent is around €15. I don't know how I ever did my contour before I added this brush to my collection. Is it possible to love a make up brush, I think so and I think I do lol. I have since bought 2 more of these in case they go out of stock and I can't get them anymore. 

This brush is ideal for anyone who struggles with contouring as it sits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks, one quick swipe upwards and your contour is done. Its so easy to build up colour with this as it is very lighthanded. I would recommend this brush to everyone. For €2 it is an absolute steal!

Double Ended Stippling Brush 

Next up is the double ended stippling brush. I love stippling brushes as they literally buff the foundation into the skin and it gives an airbrushed effect. This brush is double ended one side is sort of angled and the other is just a flat style kabuki stipple brush. I use both ends of this brush. The larger angled end I use to buff the foundation into my skin, and then I use the smaller end to buff in my concealer under my eyes. This brush gives you an airbrush effect. Its great value at €2.50 for a double sided brush. It's the perfect brush for everyday foundation. I like to keep my Real Techniques expert face brush for good wear use. But this brush is just perfect to use everyday. I would also recommend it for teenagers or young adults who are learning how to apply foundation as this makes a massive difference. It's the perfect budget brush to learn with if you have never used a kabuki style brush before.

So that's the story on the Penneys brushes. I urge anyone who doesn't want to spend big money on make up brushes to go to your nearest penneys and pick these up. They would also be ideal to get the full set for someone as a present as they are the ideal brushes to use. If I didn't already have enough brushes I would honestly be getting so many more of these. I have got one of the double ended stippling brushes for my mam who only started using foundation brushes a year ago and she loves it. As i said ideal as a present for someone. 

Below is my foundation and contour after using both brushes! 

I love the effect it gives!

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