The One and Only Second Colouring Book for Adults

Today's post is a little bit different but I hope it may help some of ye. Over the past few months receiving treatment I had been finding it harder and harder to switch off and get some decent sleep. I cam across the new trend of colouring books for adults and was immediately intrigued. These books have taken off in little over a year. I was sent a lovely book from The One and Only range by Vicki. Phoenix Yard are the publishers of these books. I received The Second One and Only book. I was so excited when the book came and immediately ran out and got not one but two sets of colours. The book is slighter bigger than a5 and smaller than a4 lol. It's a lovely paperback book but it contains a huge 144 pages. Each page differs in pattern. It really contains a huge variety of patterns, shapes and line designs all incorporating animals, floral,natural and abstract designs. 

These books are designed to help anyone who is suffering with anxiety, depression, are housebound, sick, or just in general like to colour. Colouring has been found to ease the mind and it lets it flow freely as when you sit down to colour the only things running through your head is what colour to use next. I have used my book nearly every second night for the past few weeks to make sure to get a good idea as to what effect it had on me. On the night's I do not sit down and spend 30 minutes colouring I toss and turn and find it difficult to sleep, whereas when I sit down and take the time to myself to colour I sleep like a baby, and awake fresh and ready for the day. 

The designs in the book are so pretty, I tend to follow each page but there are so many pages I cannot wait to reach. I urge anyone who is having trouble sleeping or suffers from anxiety to go out and get one of these books. They are available in Easons and Amazon. Below are some the pages i have yet to complete but ones i cannot wait to do.

As you can see above all the pages are so different, no two pages are the same bar the design below which is the same on each side. I am loving doing this one at the moment.

I love this range of books so much, and I know there are a few new ones on the way. I will let you all know what the new ones are like as soon as. These make a great present for someone or just for yourself if you need to get some time out! Check them out on Book Depository where you can purchase online. I swear to god these are the best things that ever happened to me! I love love love love love them!

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