Alfaparf Milano Precious Nature Mask

A few weeks back I received some lovely products from Eileen, a pr rep for Alfaparf. Since my illness began my hair has always been my biggest worry. While it is currently growing back I am making sure to take so much care of it. So when I received the package from Eileen I was delighted. In my package I received a sample of the new Alfaparf Milano Precious Nature Hair Mask range. These are a new 100% natural range of products for Long & Straight, Curly & Wavy and Coloured Hair. It's hair menu themed packaging there are three products for each hair type and all of these are free from sulphates, parabins, paraffin, mineral oils, synthetic dye and allergens. It is so important that we understand the damage these ingredients do to our hair, we are striping hair of its natural oils and damaging the hair. 

The mask I received was part of the Long & Straight range. My hair is currently just at shoulder length and is growing stronger and longer as each day passes. I am using this mask twice a week to make the ends smooth but beautiful and weightless. I find it particularly hard to find a mask which nourishes but doesn't make my hair greasy. This mask nourishes and prevents any frizz in the ends. It nourishes hair from the inside and repairs giving a smoother base to the hair shaft. It includes pear oil and orange extract in its ingredients. Prickly pear oil enriches and sleeks the hair, making it soft and weightless. Orange extract enhances hairs radiance from the roots to the tips. 

So does it work? Yes it certainly does. The first time I used this after shampooing, left for 5 mins and then washed. When i was washing the hair felt silky and smooth. When drying the hair the brush ran straight through no problems with tangling. I had sleek straight hair and my ends were lovely and soft and smooth and not frizzy. This retails at €17.80 for 250ml which is excellent value. I will definetely be purchasing this. ALFAPARF Precious Nature is available in selected salons nationwide. Tel: 045 856 490 or log onto:

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