Neostrata Event In Waterford

On Thursday night I attended a fabulous event in Revolutions Waterford where Neostrata were hosting a Skincare Event. I was very excited to attend the event. Neostrata are a brand I have used alot, I really respect them as a skincare brand. 

Neostrata was is a cosmeceutical company created by two dermatologists in America. They made Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA'S) which they now sell their innovations to companies such as Clarins, Lancome etc. They pioneered the first paper on AHA's in dermatology and skin care back in 1974. AHA's are very important in rejuvenating prematurely aged or damaged skin. Conditions such as dry skin, oily skin, acne vulgaris all benefit from the use of AHA's. The Neostrata range contains these AHA's but they have also introduced polyhydroxy acids and lactobionic acids. Skincare has been reinvented thanks to Neostrata. Cosmeceutical is the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, this means that the cosmetic products have a prescribed effect on the skin, they are the solution to many skincare ailments. This brand is soft and gentle but very effective on the skin. It is non damaging, non comedogenic  meaning it wont cause blackheads or acne. The range itself is quite extensive ranging from targeted problems to resurfacing and refining the skins texture and feel. 

Onto the fabulous event. We were greeted by the lovely Amanda and Elaine on arrival, where we were given a voucher for a drink at the bar. We then sat down and eagerly awaited the presentation from Elaine. Elaine introduced the brand and its philosophies. She also talked about some of the new products in the range, most importantly the Daily Surface Peel. I am a lover of Glycolic acid and its benefits. A few weeks back I tried the Glycolic Peel treatment and I loved them, it desquamates the skin shedding dead skin cells, and leaves a brighter smoother skin. The new Daily Surface Peel is a lighter version of this that can be used every night before bed. The glycolic acid forces the dead skins to break down leaving a fresher brighter appearance. These are perfect for everyday use and they will make a massive difference to the look and feel of your skin.  This is just one example of the fab products in the range. I spoke about the Bionic cream here. I love love love this moisturiser. Its my go to Neostrata product. 

After the presentation we were treated to some lovely hand peel by Elaine and Moya, it was great to meet the ladies behind the brand. After some nibbles and a chat we all got pictures taken and then headed home. If you are after a new skincare product then make sure to check out this brand. I seriously love it! Check out some pics from the event below.

I got to meet some lovely Waterford Bloggers at the event. Check them out on Cuddles and Contouring, Laura Dempsey MakeUp, Fairly Fabulous, and Lilyandolive.

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