SoSu Nail Polish Review

So today I'm going to be reviewing SoSu nail polishes by Suzanne Jackson. If you do not know who Suzanne is then you must be living under a rock. Suzanne is a fellow blogger who recently became involved in launching a new range of nail polish. Suzanne drew on her beautician background to try out a new range of polish.  I had read and heard mixed reviews, about these products but I was so eager to support Suzanne. I was a bit put off by the other reviews, but the only way to give these a chance was to give them a go myself. I was sent 2 lovely shades from the lovely Caitriona in Revolve, so I had to give them a go and see for myself what way they held up and how they applied to the nail. 

The shades I recieved were Picture Perfect and Good as Gold. Picture perfect us a fab baby pink with a shimmer running through it. Good as Gold is as imagined, a gold shimmer shade. Below is the shades I received! I will also tell you how I applied the polish.

  • I filed my nails using an 180 grit file as this is the ideal for natural nails and buffed the surface of my nail with my Micro Nail buffer, just to add some shape and to smooth the surface.
  • I applied my favourite base coat which is Mollon Pro and allowed it four minutes to dry.
  • I then applied layer one of Picture Perfect and Good as Gold. I found the coverage with just one layer wasn't great so I allowed it a full 5 mins to dry and then applied a second coat.
  • I allowed this to dry for another 5 mins and then moved onto my top coat which is the Essence Gel look top coat
  • I applied top coat making sure to cap the free edge to prevent chipping and allowed it 5 mins to dry.

The polish wore well and only on the fourth day did it start to chip. I also decided to test this without a base and top coat. And i didnt leave it a full 5 mins to dry in between coats. The polish did not do so well under these conditions. It barely lasted 2 days, as there were a few chips at the end of day 1. So overall my recommendation is if you are using this polish to make sure to use a good top and base coat and allow each layer a good 3-4 minutes to dry inbetween coats. 

The packaging is beautiful and the colour selection is gorgeous too. There has been new colours added to the range since the launch, Sue has launched a new autumn winter range and 3 colours especially for christmas. The only downside to the product was the brush but it has been rectified in the newer launch so this problem of it been a little floppy has been solved. I will  purchase more of these, the colours and rose-gold packaging is just incredibly appealing to me and I have my eye on quite a few of the other shades. I particularly like Boss Bitch and She Means Business. Locally this is available in Penneys, Waterford Health Park, and Castle Pharmacy. A full list of stockists is also here! Has anyone else used it? What did you think?

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