Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover

In our #DeiseBloggers Event which you can read about here we received a lovely bottle of Nivea Double effect Eye Make Up Remover. I had heard great things about this and was rearing to go to try it out. Eye make up is always so hard to remove and it never seems to end. In college we use Dermalogica Eye Make Up remover and it is amazing at removing eye make up. I always compare my eye make up removers to this, even though I am usually setting them up for a fail, but not in this case. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how effective this Nivea eye make up remover was. 

This product retails at €4.99 in Boots for 125ml of product. This is super value as you only need a very small amount. I usually wear primer, shadows, mascara, and liner on my lids and it cleans it off in 2-3 swipes. I then double cleanse using a clean cotton pad and a small amount of this eye make up remover. I have to say I absolutely love this and I have since bought another bottle to have just in case I run out or need it in an emergency. I totally recommend this to everyone. It is the best pharmacy make up remover out there. Well done Nivea! 

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