Tomitgo 5 in 1 elixir

A few weeks back I was chatting with the lovely Louise from Tomitago following me seeing their product on Laura Dempsey's facebook page. I was really intrigued with this product. It made by Tomitago a local Kilkenny company. They are based in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. All of the products manufactured are 100% chemical free. This is a great merit of the products as chemicals are very dangerous for the skin as they disrupt the acid mantle causing lots of problems in regards to dehydration, fine lines, premature ageing. One product suits all with this range so it can be used on all skin types. 

Tomitago have 4 product lines at the moment, ranging from an elixir to body oil to lip balm. I really want to try the body oil as my skin craves nourishment during the winter. When I received the Elixir it came in a lovely little mesh bag with a lovely bow, spatula and instructions. I had no make up on at the time so I set straight about trying it out. The elixir claims to eliminate the need for eye serum, face serum, day moisturiser, night moisturiser and make up primer. One product does it all for you. I was so eager to see how this magic little pot worked. The products comes in a clean simple tin packaging similar to a lip balm pot. On the instructions it says that just under half a spatula of product warmed between the palms of the hands is enough for application. It then liquifies into a serum and you apply to the face, neck and decollete areas in upward and outward movements. 

I spooned a little under half onto the spatula, warmed between the palms of my hands and applied from the chest upwards and outwards to the forehead. The serum felt amazing on the skin, it glided on, and it sits on the skin. I let it do its magic and within 5 minutes it had soaked into the epidermis and was working its magic from within. This takes no longer than a normal moisturiser to be absorbed into the layers of the skin. I used this product morning and night for three weeks and the difference it has made to my skin is unreal. The texture of the my has improved, the colour has improved. The cell renewal seems to have been sped up as my skin is regenerated and renewed. My face has a glow about it, no dull appearance that you get from harsh weather or wearing make up alot. 

I was very interested to use this a make up primer, so for a week I tried it. I applied as my daytime moisturiser, left it sink in and then applied my foundation. I was quite pleased with how my make up sat on my face. As it was a serum I expected the foundation to slide of my face within a few hours. Boy oh boy was I wrong, my make up stayed perfect and I didn't have to really do any touch ups throughout the day at all.  As a 5 in 1 product I would definetly recommend this product. I am still in awe at how amazing it is. I haven't used anything similar to it before. It comes in two sizes, 40ml is €30.00 and 20ml is €18, so on the 40 ml you are making a saving of €6 (every little helps). I think it is such a reasonable price for this as you literally barely make a dent in the product. I have mine over a month now and I still have just under half a tin left. The fact that you only need this product really speeds up skincare routines for those that do not have time to apply 5 difference creams to different areas of the face. 

Tomitago can be bought online from their store. Make sure to also check them out on Facebook for competitions and more information. 

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