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About two months ago I was contacted by the lovely team in Ultra Pure Laboratories about trialing out their range of toners. I had previously seen these products available in Castle Pharmacy Waterford and always wanted to try them. Ultra Pure are an Irish company. Their products are made in Mayo for you. For 15 years they have been selling creams, gels and oils in selected pharmacies. 

I was ever so kindly sent these products and even though I previously had heard about them I was quite excited to try these. Since starting my Beauty Therapy degree I am obsessed with knowing what products I am using on my skin and how they affect it. I had been using rose water, witch hazel and glycerine in college for face masks so this made it even more exciting to get these. 

Rose Water

What is Rose Water you ask? Rose Water is a flavoured water made by steeping rose petals in water and then you get rose water and a by product is rose oil. Rose Water has many many uses. It can be used as a toner, make up remover(used instead of micellar water), hair conditioner(rinse your hair in rose water as the last step and it will condition like no other), eye brightener( its great for dark circles) , make up freshener (add some to a spray bottle and spritz to revive make up). It can also be used to mix up clay masks. It has a purifying and harmonising effect on the skin leaving it feeling fresh. It is very good for acne rosacea or inflammed skin as it balances the ph of the skin. Rosewater soothes sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin, reduces acne by stopping the growth of bacteria, the aroma of rose water also reduces blood pressure, stress and anxiety. 

Rose Water and Glycerine

Rose water and glycerine used individually have amazing effects on the skin, so naturally when combined they are more effective. As a toner it helps to balance skin and keep it nourished. Glycerine is a humectant so it attracts moisture from the air keeping the skin hydrated. Rose water has a purifying effect on the skin. I love using this at home to make clay masks, i have mixed calamine with rose water and glycerin when my skin is particularly dry or sensitive. It can be mixed with magnesium or kaolin when skin is oily or acnified. I love using this as a toner.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel water is from the Hamamelis Tree where leaves twigs and bark are distilled to form witch hazel water. Witch Hazel soothes and cools oily or combination skin. It is a gentle astringent which soothes and heals blemishes. Witch hazel can be used to heal acne, cleanse the skin, reduce puffy eyes, loosen blackheads, prevent razor burn, as a toner, reduce wrinkles and moisturise. I particular like to use this one at this time of year as my skin lacks moisture but i suffer from breakouts. It heals the skin, moisturises and leaves it feeling fresh and cleansed. 

Witch Hazel and Rose Water

These two combined have a fab affect on the skin. The rosewater soothes and moisturises while the witch hazel clears up any blemishes that you may have. It is particularly good for excema and psoriasis prone skin. This again can be used as a toner, cleanser, micellar water, refreshing spray or mixed with a clay mask. It is particularly suitable for combination, oily or problem skin. 

I loved using these products. I am so glad to have found genuine Irish products which have many many uses. I have since gifted some of the extra ones to my friends and family and they are loving it. My partner uses the witch hazel and rose water one and finds it great for preventing razor burn, so it can be used by anyone it is not gender specific like a lot of products are. 

I would like to take this opportuinity to thank Into The West Blogger Network who formed this collaboration. You can find Into the West on all social media platforms such as twitter, instagram and facebook. Make sure to check them out ITWBN Facebook ITWBN Twitter  ITWBN Instagram . Ultra Pure can be found on Facebook and here

Has anyone used these? Let me know what you think if you have.

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