Billion Dollar Brows

A few backs the lovely Moira in Rachel Dalton Communications sent me a lovely package from the Billion Dollar Brows range. Billion Dollar Brows was previously only available as a salon treatment but by popular demand it has been launched into the retail market, and is available in Boots across Ireland. As most of you already know I am brow obsessed, I love having my brows done, and while tinting and shaping does enhance the brow there is nothing better than a well shaped and sculpted brow in my opinion. I was so excited to start using my products and I immediately set to using them.

First up I received the Brow Buddy Kit , I had seen this on loads of people's social media in America and it looked great. It is a tool you use to mark out the points of your eyebrow. It comes with a white pencil to mark the skin. I use it every few days to touch up my brows making sure they are tweezed and shaped correctly to suit my face.

It is very easy you use, you find your starting point, then your arch, and the end point, once you have these then it is easy to follow the points and remove any stray hairs or hairs outside these line. Once you have this step done it is more than half way there to a perfect set of brows. The Brow Buddy Kit retails at €31 and is available online from or in selected Boots stores nationwide. 

Next up in my package was the Universal Brow Pencil, this is a double end pencil with a spoolie on one end and a brown waxy pencil on the other end. I use this to outline my brow shape, but it can also be used to fill it in. If you use it in gentle strokes it gives a lovely natural effect. This one retails at €24 and is again available online from or selected Boots stores.

Next up is the Brow Powder, i received this in the shade Taupe, which is a nice combination of a light brown and a dark brown, so it is kind of a medium brown. I use this to fill in my brows using my 2 in 1 brush. The 2 in 1 brush is part of a Billion Dollar Brows kit which retails for €68 where you receive brow gel, eyebrow smudge brush, universal pencil and duo pencil. I love this brush as it is easy to use and get a natural look using it. The powder is very well pigmented but it gives a nice natural look. The powder is available in 3 colours, blonde, light brown and taupe. It retails at €25 which is great as you receive alot of powder for this. I have barely made a dent in mine and I use it everyday.

Lastly is the Clear Brow Gel, this is a fantastic product it can be used on its own to tame stray brows and keep them in shape, or with the powder to set the brow shape. I use it both ways depending on whether I am wearing make up or not. This is €24 euro and you will get lots of use out of this as you only use a tiny amount by using the spoolie wand and running it across the brows. 

Overall I have been really impressed with the Billion Dollar Brow products. They are very professional range and the results are amazing, Below are some random pics of me wearing the products.

All products listed are available online from and from selected Boots stores.


  1. This product is so nice and need this Brow Buddy Kit. Kisses!

  2. Oh its unreal, i love the brow buddy, has seriously helped me to get my brows exactly as they should be.