Happy New Year

It's 2016 and no better way to start of the new year than with a blog post. Last year I started this blog and I had no idea it would take off and grow as much as it did. In the past year I have been nominated for not one but two blogger awards and I am so delighted to have made it to be nominated. This blog would not be here without the many followers I have who read my posts, but I do also need to say thanks to the many other bloggers who spur me on each day, who read my posts and interact with my page. Its a lovely blogger community in Ireland and I am so pleased to be part of it. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2016, our health really is our wealth and I for one know this for a fact. I have been battling a demon since 2012 and hopefully the end of that battle is very near. But positivity got me to where I am today and its not all as bad as it seems, yes there are days where you do not what to get out of bed but you just have to make yourself do it, rome wasn't built in a day, every day is a battle but getting up and opening the curtains to the bright new day is the start of those battles. So on that note I am going to bid you farewell. I hope its a great new year for us all.

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