Iwhite Toothpaste

Who doesnt want a bright bright smile! Smile bright like a diamond is what we are all after. Glossy, pearly white teeth are the rage, and almost all girls and guys dream of them. While professional whitening is very expensive, lots of companies are now releasing products that can be used at home to enhance whitening. A few weeks ago Tomas from Conefreys sent me some iwhite products to try. I was sent the iwhite kit and the iwhite toothpaste. I will be reviewing the whitening trays next week as I have a wedding that week and will be wearing the trays for 20 mins for the 5 nights before hand as instructed. I cant wait to see the results, I know that Marissa Carter from Cooca Brown, Grace Mongey from Facesbygrace and Rosie Connolly swear by them for whitening their teeth. Check out Rosie's review here. For the past few weeks I have been using the toothpaste, and  I am quite pleased with the results. While I don't have before and after pictures, the results are very good. My teeth are definetly a couple of shades brighter. 

The iwhite Toothpaste prolongs the teeth whitening action throughout the day. As with all professional teeth whitening products the results will vary depending on your diet. I am awful for drinking tea and coffee so my teeth do tend to get stained alot, as well as with treatment it affects my teeth. iwhite toothpaste attacks surface and deep tooth staining with active whitening formula for daily use. This toothpaste has crystal whitening technology in it which helps to brighten the teeth and restore them to their natural whiteness, while removing stains and reducing tartar. The best things about iwhite is that they are clinically proven to be 100% dental safe, and they also do not contain peroxide which alot of whitening products do. This toothpaste delivers a highly soluble source of calcium and therefore strengthens the teeth while working on the stains. Use this twice daily and you will see a noticeable difference to the whiteness of your teeth. This toothpaste retails at €9.99 and is available from Conefreys Pharmacy.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way of getting your teeth back to their natural pearly shade then this is defo for you!

P.S. Keep an eye for the review of the trays where I promise to have before and after pics.

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