Lycon Waxing Treatment

On Saturday last I was in Sam McCauley's Waterford Salon to try out their new Lycon Wax treatment. I had decided to go for a full leg wax. Anyone who knows me will know I am a complete wimp when it comes to waxing and pain. I'm just not able! Lol. I was very intrigued to hear about the new wax Sam McCauleys are using called Lycon. I did a little bit of research on Lycon before attending the appointment, and I was very impressed with the research. I had been in on Wednesday for a patch test to make sure that I didn't have a reaction to the wax. This was my first experience with the Lycon and I was getting very excited for my appointment.

So what exactly makes Lycon different to all other types of cool and hot wax? Lycon was established in Australia in 1978 and introduced to Ireland by the Brazilia waxing salons in 2005. The Lycon range of products are synonymous with consistency, quality and unrivalled effectiveness, and Lycon has become a firm favourite with waxing clients. Lycon waxes and spray tan are now available in over 200 salons throughout Ireland. Lycon wax was created by Lydia Jordane in the 1970’s. Lydia has developed a wide product range Lycon products are now available in more than 45 countries around the world. Lycon wax had a phenomenal impact straight away. Lycon Precision Waxing claims to give you the best results, being ‘virtually pain free’. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of such claims, but it’s the first time, for me anyway that it has been true. I'm a wimp when it comes to waxing so I mean you can trust me lol! 

It works on hairs as short as 1mm too, this wonder wax is so so gentle on your skin, it can be used on the same patch up to FIVE times. And that’s an absolute no no with every other wax on the market, your poor skin would be in pieces if you did this with normal wax. If the fact that it’s the least painful wax on the market isn't the best thing, it’s also worth nothing that there’s no stretching and pulling of the skin required for this product. I had a range of hair length on my legs and I swear it was so so gentle, I could barely feel the hairs been pulled out. As i opted for a leg wax, my therapist Aisling used the Lycon Cool Wax on me with strips as it is such a big area. Usually me and cool wax are not friends at all. I am usually hopping off the bed in pain, leg waxing for me always was the worst. But not this time. I was able to sit there and have a full blown conversation with Aisling while she was waxing. 

If you are not familiar with wax there is two types, hot and cool. Cool wax is usually used for legs, arms, back, chest etc, areas that require large amounts of wax and removal is done using a strip, this wax is heated to a lower temperature than hot wax. Hot wax is used for areas such as lip, chin, underarm, bikini etc and is heated a higher temperature. With lycon there is cool and hot wax but the temperature at which they work at is much lower than other waxes. The waxes are made up of a combination or resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, which ensure a superior performance on short hairs, which ensures long lasting results. The one thing that stands out about the Lycon hot wax is that instead of using talc or cornflour to clean the area prior to treatment, a cleansing oil is used. This ensures the wax only adheres to the hairs, so when the wax is pulled it is only the hair that is removed and the skin is not pulled at all.

When I arrived Aisling had everything all set up for me, I was kindly invited into the treatment room where I was asked to pop onto the bed in my own time and to remove my trousers. Aisling then used a pre wax lotion to make sure the area to be treated was clean. Aisling then proceeded to use the Rosette Strip Wax which is a creamy pink wax for sensitive skins as it contains rose and chamomile extracts, which provide an ultra calming effect. On the other leg Aisling applied the Active Gold, which is a beautiful sparkling gold colour. It contains microscopic particles of Mica which give it its sparkle. It glows like gold on the skin and removes hair effectively. It also contains chamomile for that extra gentle wax. Aisling used strips to remove the wax and done so quickly and proficiently. My treatment was complete in 45 mins and I had super soft velvety legs with no hairs left. Aisling was so professional and an excellent therapist. I am already thinking about going back to have the hot wax done as it just sounds so gentle on the skin. I am completely converted to Lycon Wax and the thoughts of having normal waxing done in college is killing me! I am after a creature of comfort!

Sam McCauley Salons are located in the Blackpool, Douglas, Enniscorthy, Fairgreen, Redmond Square and Waterford stores. Below is a price list for Lycon Waxing. At the moment Lycon Waxing and threading has 25% off, this is not taking into account on the below price list.

Eyebrow - € 9.95

Lip - € 9.95

Chin - € 9.95

Lip & Chin - € 17.95

Underarm - € 13.95

Bikini - € 15.95

Californian - € 29.95

Californian & Full Leg - € 49.95

Brazilian - € 49.95

Brazilian & Full Leg - € 69.95

Hollywood - € 64.95

Hollywood & Full Leg - € 84.95

Arm - € 20.95

1/2 Leg - € 22.95

1/2 Leg & Bikini  - € 29.95

Full Leg - € 34.95

Full Leg & Bikini - € 39.95

You can book online at Has anyone tried the Lycon wax? What did you think of it?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company. I pride myself in providing my readers with honest feedback of the products I am using. I will not recommend something I would not use personally. Sending me product does not guarantee a review and I accept no monetary compensation for in exchange for positive reviews.

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