Sunday Snippet : Ciara Chronicles

Today's Valentine's Sunday Snippet features the lovely Ciara from Ciara Chronicles. Ciara is a fellow waterford blogger and I love reading her blog. Ciara is also a beauty therapist, and a sports therapist. Her background story is very good make sure to read her story below!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

My name is Ciara Kennedy, a 23 year old Waterford blogger who writes about mental health, the journey on improving yourself, beauty and lifestyle. I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician and Sports-Injury Therapist, with two years of Multimedia Applications Development completed also. 

2.  How did you get into blogging and why?  

I've always wanted to start a blog and I have tried and failed numerous times. After battling with depressing and anxiety for almost four years, things got too much and I finally decided to sit down and write about how I felt. I didn't want to just write about my mental health as that seemed quite boring and morbid, so I have included my beauty background in the blog, along with my love of make-up. Writing the blog posts has become such an outlet for me and there's been such an improvement in myself mentally. It's so therapeutic!

3. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?  

Although I'm qualified in the nails, beauty and sports therapy, I've had to take a step back from working in the field due to injury. Massaging eight hours a day is so tough on the body and I was walking out of work like an 80 year old! I am now working in a call-centre full time, saving up to go back to college to study Radiography. 
4. Are you a full time blogger? 

 No, I'm not a full time blogger. I blog whenever I can, usually once a week but I hope to get more frequent with it this year. 
5. How do you keep coming up with content for your blog?  

The content comes with how I'm feeling. If I'm having a bad day and my mental health is affecting me, I'll more than likely write something related to that. If I'm feeling positive and hopeful for the future, I'll write about how I want to improve myself and my plans on doing so. The make-up and beauty blog posts are just thrown together whenever I find something worth writing about. 
6. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?  

The bloggers I look up would have to be Joanne Larby (, Helen Anderson (, Leanne Woodfull ( They all started out writing about what they love and have made a such successful career out of it. It shows that there's hope for us all! They all make YouTube videos and are fantastic on snapchat too. I'm also completely obsessed with their Instagrams. I just love reading what they have to say, reading about the latest trends and make-up tips, and Helen's ever-changing hair! 
7. Name the top blogs you read? 

 I read tonnes of blogs but since joining the Waterford Bloggers, I've become obsessed with Penneys To Prada, Leather Confessions, Laura Dempsey MUA, Grey Skies & Silver Linings and Kayleigh's Kreations. 
8. What makes you read the above blogs?

A mixture of fashion, make-up, nails and mental health - something I can relate to.
9. Tell us something we don't know about you?

 I love to dance. I danced for almost sixteen years and felt it was the only way that I could express myself. Then one day, I just stopped but now I'm hoping to get back dancing for 2016. 

10. Link us to all of your social media platforms. 

Instagram: @ciara_chronicles
Snapchat: @CiaraChronicles 

I loved getting to know Ciara a little bit better, make sure to pop over and check out her links on all her social media accounts. Oh and by the way happy valentine's ladies.

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