Thalgo Mceutic Facial @ Kieran O' Gorman Day Spa

On Friday last I attended Kieran O'Gorman Day Spa in the heart of Kilkenny City for Thalgo's new revolutionary treatment called Mceutic. Caroline was my therapist and ladies I have to say, in my experience of having treatments I have never met anyone like Caroline. She is a wealth of knowledge but not only that she is an excellent therapist. She excels in her industry and offers a top quality service. Caroline first used Thalgo products in Australia over 10 years ago. When she moved back to Kilkenny and decided to run her own salon she sought out a Thalgo rep and is stocking and using Thalgo products in Kilkenny with 10 years. Caroline loved the brand when she first used it in Australia. It takes a lot for someone to be so impressed with a product that they seek it out to use in their own salon. Caroline performed the facial on me and her hands are like gold. Friday was my first time in Kieran O' Gorman's Day Spa and oh my god what a place. It is a little haven of serenity and tranquility amidst a busy bustling city. Once you step inside the door you would forget that you are in Kilkenny. From the moment I entered the treatment room, I felt i was lying on a beach in Thailand in complete tranquillity. The Day Spa is located at The Butterslip, Kilkenny which can be accessed from High St or Kieran St. It is very easy to find and there is optional parking nearby in Market Cross or Dunnes Stores Carpark. You enter the Day Spa through the Hair salon which is a hive of activity and has been so for the past ten years at the hands of Kieran. You are escorted upstairs to the Day Spa through the hair salon and greeted by a warm decor with Thalgo details spread throughout, the sun was filtering in through gauzy curtains while calming music was played to create a truly nurturing space. As you can see below the salon is decorated with the utmost attention payed to detail.

So who are Thalgo you may ask? Thalgo was created by a pharmacist, AndrĂ© Bouclet, from his passion for the marine world and its invaluable riches. Infusing the beauty of the sea with the creative excellence of marine intelligence; Thalgo Laboratories in conjunction with world renowned Phycologists have created beauty excellence in a spectacular range of marine products for Spa & Beauty, delivering the very best of nature to every woman. World leaders in professional marine cosmetics; Thalgo have delivered a range of beautifying treatments, products and dietary supplements for the beauty and well-being of its clients. Thalgo are a pioneer in Marine Intelligence where they have been exploring the oceans for over 50 years to innovate and revolutionise the world of professional cosmetics.  The Mceutic Range is the first medically inspired professional cosmeceutical skincare range with patented Mesolift Marin. Check out the interview with Thalgo Dermatologist here.

It was developed to offer major innovations that break away from traditional cosmetics, deliver a rigorous cosmetic treatment which produced phenomenal results on the skin, and guarantees a unique effectiveness of their products with proven results. Mesolift Marin is a non invasive version of the anti angeing mesotherapy technique. Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homoeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat. The difference with the Thalgo Mceutic is that is a non invasive version of this technique and their are no injections (thankfully as I hate injections! Lol). Mceutic compensates for deficiencies in the body's tissues to boost the metabolism in the skin cells and make them renew faster, and also maintain youthful looking skin. It is a patented combination of revitalising nutrients, anti ageing hylauronic acid and cellular anti ageing nucleoside. The Mesolift Marin is encapsulated in the centre of the biosphere a unique transport system that releases the solution into skin cells like an injection.  Due to the high concentrated structure in the solution it forces the formula right through the epidermis and down deep into the dermis. It also continues to work for a further 48 hours after the treatment. The epidermis contains 5 layers, and the dermis then contains a further 2 layers. It is the dermis that the collagen is produced and where it works. Collagen gives our skin that firm and plump look. Not many products have the ability to penetrate deep down into the dermis which is what makes the Mesolift Marin so unique. 

Let's now have a look at how Caroline performed the Mceutic treatment. Skin that lacks radiance, has an uneven skin tone, rough surface, thick texture, dilated pores with imperfections and residual marks are ideal for this treatment. Mceutic is the first corrective solution designed to target factors that cause imperfections and irregularities for youthful looking smooth and radiant skin. The Neo skin is capable of reconstructing healthy and youthful skin. Neo Skin is a unique combination of 3 highly active extracts which are specifically designed to regenerate the skin. They regulate the cells destruction by targeting the sebaceous glands to restore the skins original quality. After meeting with Caroline, she brought me into the treatment room. She asked me to remove my top and to place a towel on top and then pop up onto the treatment bed. The bed is dressed with Thalgo towels and bed covers. The towels compliment the decor which is warm but yet airy. The room looks small but that feeling deteriorates once you are on the bed. Once on the bed the room feels like it has been transported to an oasis on the beach. Caroline came back into the room, and cleansed the skin to make sure their was no residue on the skin. She then performed a full skin diagnosis which analyses the condition of the skin in order to be able to provide the most suitable corrective cosmetic treatment. This treatment is tailored to perfection with a series of three steps designed to reconstruct the ideal skin quality. It is a 3 step process after the skin diagnosis.

After the skin diagnosis Caroline moved on to tell me about the renovating peel she was going to apply to the skin. The peel is a key step in the renovation and desquamation process of the skin. Thalgo laboratory have combined 3 highly effective enzyme acids, which are available in three grades depending on the skin condition. Caroline chose to go with Grade 1 for myself and it was my first treatment and my skin was in good condition bar one or two little imperfections, and some dilated pores. The enzymes in the peel are Papain which comes from Papaya, Malic acid from Apples, and salicylic acid from aspirin. It also contains stabilised vitamin c which perfects the skins surface by eliminating pigmentation marks and accelerating cellular renewal. Caroline applied this peel to the skin and left it on for the specified time according to my skin type. I felt a slight tingle under the skin, but nothing major. Some people don't feel anything whereas others feel heat and tingling. This is the skin reacting to the peel. It is nothing to worry about and Caroline made sure I was comfortable at all times. Caroline sat with me throughout the process and explained how the treatment was both an enzymatic and chemical exfoliation, which would even the skins texture, improve skin quality, reduce imperfections and leave me with a clear and radiant complexion. After this Caroline removed the peel, and applied a serum which is ultra concentrated in Mesolift Marin, which detoxifies the skin to reactivate skin cell metabolism. This gives the skin that firm feeling and looks more toned. Following this Caroline then applied a mask, which was specific to my skin type, and it was used as a corrective intervention to resurface the skin. Caroline applied the mask, and then massaged in the product. She used a range of massage movements from effluerage, petrissage, frictions and tapotement. I felt completely at ease and relaxed, following this she placed a towel around my head and shoulders to make me feel cocooned. Once this was applied, Caroline performed a hand massage on both hands which was very relaxing. I was then left to relax in my cocoon while the mask worked its way deep down into my skin. Caroline then popped back in after a few minutes and removed the mask. Once the mask was fully removed, Caroline applied a moisturiser to the skin to give a more uniform complexion, tighten the pores and give a more even skin tone. As I was going out into the daylight Caroline then applied some Sunscreen of SPF 50 to the skin to protect it from UV damage. This Sunscreen has since gone on to win an Image Beauty Award. It felt light and airy on the skin.  

Following my treatment, Caroline gave me a lovely glass of water to rehydrate following the treatment. She then left me to get dressed and I took a few minutes to readjust to the land of the living again, I was so relaxed in the treatment I felt like I was walking on air after it. I was floating back into the reception area where my other half had been lapping up the luxury. While I was having my treatment, Evelyn the other therapist had offered him a lovely latte and a paper to keep him occupied while he waited on me. This is going over and beyond but it is nothing more than what I expected from such a high class establishment. 

Thalgo had sent on a discovery kit for me to use following my treatment for the next month, so i will be sure to update you all in a month with the results. But for the moment here are the before and after results from the treatment. I took the before while I waiting to meet Caroline in the salon, so it literally was just before and I took the after picture an hour after the treatment. As you can see below my skin looks so much clearer and brighter just after the treatment. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone out there, it is a real revitalising treatment and my skin felt so soft, smooth, supple and rejuvenated afterwards. The treatment costs €80 per treatment but Caroline has a fantastic offer of €60 on at the moment for the months of March and April.  Contact Caroline on 056-7764844 or on their facebook page here

The results are amazing, and I am 100% in love with my skin again following the facial. My skin has a glow to it, my make up applies amazingly and I just love it. Below is a pic of my make up on Saturday morning, my skin is glowing under it. I love the effect of the Mceutic Facial. 

For any enquiries please contact Thalgo Ireland, or Kieran O' Gorman Day Spa for appointments. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company. I pride myself in providing my readers with honest feedback of the products I am using. I will not recommend something I would not use personally. Sending me product does not guarantee a review and I accept no monetary compensation for in exchange for positive reviews.

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