W7 Banana Dreams

I am awful for jumping on any makeup band wagon and when it came out that Kim Kardashian's go-to makeup product for that bright under-eye highlight was Ben Nye's 'banana powder', I knew I had to try it. Kim's make up artist Mario Dedivanovic made the yellow toned powder famous. I couldn't get my hands on the Ben Nye, but I was uber excited when i spotted W7 had released their own version of the yellow toned powder called Banana Dreams.

It sold out everywhere when it launched. I mean they were boxes been delivered to local pharmacies and they were gone within the hour. It was so bad that W7 ran out of stock. I eventually picked mine up from the local pharmacy in Kilmeaden. They never dreamed the product would become so popular. I am a huge W7 fan and have many products in their range, most particularly the Eye palettes which are cheaper alternatives to the ever popular Urban Decay Naked palettes. Check out my reviews here.

So now does it live up to the name! Well you will be pleased to know that yes it most definitely does. This finely milled yellow toned powder is most definitely a product we all need in our make up bags. Mario gave away the secret of the uniquely bright under eye triangle which has been copied across blogs and YouTube alike, and thus a phenomena was born, every girl and their mother's are doing the routine now.

So how do you use it? Well you use your normal concealer and apply it in a triangle under your eye. Then you apply the Banana Dreams over the concealer to set it. The latest trend is to bake the powder, which simply means apply it using a make up sponge and then leave it sit on top of the concealer while you complete the rest of your make up and then dust off.

Banana powder has a yellow tone to it which as per the above gives brightness where it is applied. The W7 Banana Dreams powder contains silica, which helps to control oil and gives a blurred effect to the pores and fine lines on the face. It is commonly found in HD powders such as the Make Up Forever HD powder. This ingredient helps to give that flawless look to the skin. As it is used to control oil it is also beneficial to apply it to the centre panel if you suffer from oilyness in the T zone. Due to the fact that the powder is so very finely milled it has an almost velet texture, and when applied as a light dusting to the eyes or the T zone it doesn't cake on the skin. 

Due to the yellow undertone to the product it acts a colour corrector and brightens up the skin. It magically brightens sallow looking skin. It is the ideal colour for us Irish girls. If you feel it is a little to dark for you, you can mix it with a little talc to tone out the yellow. I have done this when I am using a very light foundation and concealer. Banana Dreams is currently retailing at €5.95 and can be picked up from Castle Pharmacy, Waterford Health Park Pharmacy, Pulse Accessories in Waterford. It can also be picked up from W7, Cara Pharmacy and many more retailers that stock W7

This is definitely a product that we all need in our make up bags. Has anyone else used it? What did you think?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company. I pride myself in providing my readers with honest feedback of the products I am using. I will not recommend something I would not use personally. Sending me product does not guarantee a review and I accept no monetary compensation for in exchange for positive reviews.

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